Scientists who dug into hell in Siberia

Cthulhu's reputation

"Hell really does exist", was the headline of the Finnish newspaper angbelich in 1993 Ammennusatia. We are once again totally amazed at what can be found in the vastness of the Internet, and of course we investigated the matter. We are convinced that this is not hell but the dungeons of the Ancient Ones and that the fictional Cthulhu myth does indeed exist.

We may find proof of this claim on the Internet, if not, we have enough material for the next adventure.

"The Sound from Hell"

This free translation of the incident in Siberia should serve as an introduction, also as a handout for the players:

Screams of human purification were reportedly recorded by a group of Norwegian and Soviet geologists when they were drilling a hole 14.4 km deep in the earth's crust. The deeply insecure scientists now think that they brought the horrors of hell to the surface of the earth.

"The information we are gathering at the moment is so amazing that we are, in fact, very shocked by what we have found down there," says Dr. Azzacov, the head of the project in Siberia.

“Another surprise is the high temperatures that we measured there near the center of the earth. […] Our calculations suggest that it should be around 1,100 ° C. ”, Emphasizes Dr. Azzacov and shows some sketches and calculations. “That's a lot more than we originally thought. That can only mean that there must be a real fire inferno down there! "

“After all, we should still hear the horror per se. Something that frightened our scientists so much that they are actually afraid to continue the project. " “We tried to record the movements of the earth at certain intervals through super-sensitive microphones that we let down there. What we heard, however, made even the most logically thinking scientist shudder, ”explains Dr. Azzacov.

“After we checked the setting and adjustment of the system again, we were sure that what we were hearing was actually coming from inside the earth. We could hardly believe our ears. We actually heard human voices screaming in agony and pain. Although there was clearly a voice in the foreground, it must have been thousands, maybe millions of other souls who are still screaming down there, ”he added before showing us the recordings.

As we are about to leave, a Dr. Nummedal spoke briefly and went on to say: “What really panicked us was another phenomenon that night: After gas suddenly shot out of the hole and began to cloud the entire research station, a ghostly creature with bat wings emerged that us called out in Russian 'I have conquered' before it rose into the Siberian night sky. "

“The experience was so bogus; the sovjets suddenly screamed! ”he continues, and we sit down again after the scientist gets more and more intrusive and louder. During the night he saw doctors and helpers who kept running around. The ambulance driver he knew said the men were told to sedate any scientist with an agent known to eradicate short-term memory. The Sovjets would use this drug to treat shocks.

“As a communist, I don't believe in heaven, but as a scientist, I believe in hell now!” Interrupts Dr. Azzacove. “Needless to say, we were really, really shocked. But we knew what we saw and heard was real. We are convinced that we really have drilled a hole in hell. The drill head turned really very quickly, so that since we have to assume that we really have advanced into a cavity. The temperatures shot up to over 1,100 degrees. And instead of moving the plate, we heard these screams. "

The French magazine "Encore Fatima" also published an article with reference to the Finnish publication, which is, however, somewhat different:

The monstrous happens at a depth of nine kilometers

The drilling, in which, according to “Ammenusastia”, Soviet and Norwegian scientists were involved, was used to study the origins of the earthquake. Originally, they wanted to drill to a depth of 16 kilometers. But as the Soviet scientist Dr. Dimitri Azzacove reported that they had reached a cavity nine kilometers below the surface. The drill head turned at high speed into the void without encountering the resistance of the ground. For research purposes, the scientists let a microphone in the alleged cave.

Cries of the damned?
However, they were shocked to discover that the screaming of human voices could be heard over the microphone. At first they thought of a fault in the tape recorder. But then they heard the screaming of innumerable voices. Later a poisonous gas cloud rose from the borehole. The measurement of the temperature resulted in 1100 degrees Celsius in the cave. During the recovery of the drill head, according to “Ammenusastia”, a horrible creature with a wild grimace and claws appeared and hissed at the technicians who left the place in a panic.

Dr. Azzacove told the Ammenusastia: “I don't believe in God and not in heaven, but now I believe in hell- we are convinced that we have pierced the ceiling of hell. We heard people howling in pain, the voices of millions. "

The drilling was then officially stopped. The Norwegian scientists were asked to keep silent about the unexplained events.

Gates to hell

The scientists should be happy that there wasn't a big hole under them for the research station to tear in itself. After all, something like this happens quite often in Russia, e.g. in Darvaza. There it even came up with the idea of ​​igniting the gas flowing out of the ground. It has been burning there for several years now and is referred to by the locals as the gateway to hell or the mouth of hell:

Creatures from below

These ideas are, of course, pre-eminently suitable for Cthulhu, so let's dig a little further to see if we, as myth experts, are not able to classify the creatures slumbering there in Siberia.

So let's look for people who have been to hell and tell us what these demons look like:

There is also a detailed article about Bill Wiese's experiences in hell and he has also written a book called 23 Minutes in Hell, which is about his search for God, but rather misses the title. There is also another very interesting video that shows how it should look like in hell by stringing together Hollywood scenes.

Near-death experiences

After some research it is clear to us that such alleged evidence of hell is no longer a specialty in fundamentalist Christian circles and the USA. We want to turn away from the topic again, because it will be really interesting again.

Perhaps the tormented man below was not in Hell, but instead was in telepathic contact with the creatures that our Siberian explorers unearthed. To me, it sounds like contact with an informal breed of Tsattogua, instead of a near-death experience:

All in all

Did you know that Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the famous marine scientist, stopped diving before he died? Angbl. he is said to have heard people screaming in an underwater cave.

Another man is said to have dived into the deepest canyons of the Bermuda Triangle in a diving bell and heard the same thing. Or maybe it was just Dagon.

These and other rumors can now be found in abundance in the depths of the Internet. Maybe we've made you want to be inspired by the ideas.

By the way: there are now short films on the subject (see links at the end of the article)!


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