Bust 102cm is like many feet

Clarie tailormaid, size A

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RRP € 249.90-40%
€ 149.00incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Item Description

  • Individually adjustable on the neck, chest, waist, hips
  • Integrated skirt rounder
  • 4-foot stand
  • Pincushion on the neck
  • Adjustable back length
Sewing is in again! Try it out and design clothes that are entirely to your taste. Individual settings make it very easy to tailor a perfect fit. The tailor's bust has many useful additional functions such as an adjustable back length, a skirt rounder, a pincushion on the neck. The Tailormaid tailor's bust is available in 2 sizes.


Additional advantagesThe Tailormaid tailor's bust consists of 8 elements, which can be easily and quickly adapted to your body shape using 9 adjustment wheels and 2 adjustment disks.
Adjustable elementsneck
Details feet4-foot stand
height180 cm
Weight3.99 kg
Chest minimal84 cm
Chest size maximum101 cm
Back length minimal38 cm
Back length maximum42 cm
Waist circumference minimal66 cm
Waist size maximum84 cm
Hip circumference minimal90 cm
Hip size maximum116 cm
FurnishingPin cushion
Skirt rounder

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Send back.

This review is helpful for 3 of 3 customers. 3 of 3 customers find this review helpful.

For the price, the processing is inferior. All parts are made of unstable plastic. The necessary sizes cannot be set correctly because the wheels chop. In my case, the hip adjustment wheel chops right in the middle and can no longer be moved.

by a customer from Dortmund 07/28/2016 Reviewed article: Color: green Do you think this rating is helpful? Report review
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Unfortunately, no.

Helpful for 2 of 2 customers. 2 of 2 customers find this review helpful.

If you consider that this tailor's bust should actually cost another € 100.00 more, then I don't think the price-performance ratio is appropriate. Overall, the bust was too plastic and impractical for me, so it unfortunately went back.

by a customer from Hamburg 01/05/2016 Reviewed article: Color: green Do you think this rating is helpful? Report review
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Impossible went straight back to the packaging.

Before € 249, now € 149 ... it's worth maybe € 30, even for that I wouldn't keep it. Primitively packaged, primitive material returned.

from a customer from Aachen 01/12/2021 Do you think this review is helpful? Report review
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