What is eccs backup

Engine cuts out, fuse blows


My friend's Almera Tino has been grumbling since this evening.

He went out without warning.
The ADAC changed a fuse and the car was running again for the time being. Unfortunately only for a few kilometers before it went out again.

In the fuse box in the engine compartment, in the right row of fuses, it is the last of the small fuses in the direction of the passenger compartment. It is a 20A fuse that is labeled with ECCS (?). Number 34 if I got it right in my head.

The car is now at a Bosch service for the first time. Of course, nothing will happen before month

What is it all about the fuse?

The logbook is of course in the car

It is an Almera Tino 2.2l diesel from 2003.

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