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The 10 best e-cigarettes 05/2021

# 1 The LYNDEN Premium Set

Are you dying to leave the habitual smoking behind? Are you still looking for the perfect way to finally make the jump?

Then you will hardly be able to avoid this outstanding starter kit, because it combines inexpensive quality with high simplicity and high performance.

So not only does the change work, but you can enjoy an unprecedented smoking experience.

But why is this starter set so popular with so many converters? Well, that's largely due to the characteristics of the e-cigarette.

Appearance, operation and, in particular, the development of vapor were modeled on an ordinary cigarette in every detail, without even having a fraction of the health risks of normal cigarettes.

The starter set contains two batteries (280 mAh (long) and 180 mAh (short)), ten depots, a charger and a power plug.

Nothing stands in the way of beginners and newcomers to the field of vaping to get started with what is known as "vaping", which was previously unknown.

The specialty of this starter set is that you don't have to buy e-liquid to be able to vape. The depots are already filled and only need to be screwed onto the batteries.

So we are talking about single-use products that allow around 200 to 300 puffs and then have to be bought later.

Last but not least, we want to offer a few more technical details: The product is only 85 mm long (larger battery) or 65 mm, and has a running time of four hours.

Sometimes these specifications make this device ideal for on the go.

The property of a single-use product, in particular, enables many beginners to test whether vaping appeals to them.

If you want more afterwards, you can also get the LYNDEN Power-X evaporator, which can be refilled.


With the LYNDEN VOX, the Berlin company LYNDEN is once again proving its great skill in the design of e-cigarettes.

The VOX is an all-in-one e-cigarette in which the powerful battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh and the innovative tank with a maximum filling volume of 4 ml form a functional unit that is optically and technically optimally coordinated.

With the VOX you get an e-cigarette of high processing quality, which despite its compact dimensions of only 121 x 24.5 mm and thanks to a maximum output of 50 watts, produces really rich vapor.

But the clouds of the VOX are not only big, but also particularly dense and aromatic due to the high-quality coils and the clever air circulation system.

The ergonomic stick format and the LYNDEN-typical velvety anthracite-colored coating make the VOX a real flatterer and give it an elegant look.

Even beginners will find it easy to operate the VOX. Because vaping is really easy and intuitive with just one button.

The power can be set to 30, 40 and 50 watt levels via a 3-stage control.

The tank can be filled quickly and cleanly from above and, thanks to the top-fill system with additional silicone flaps, is leak-proof in every position.

The change of the evaporator head and the cleaning of the VOX is also possible without any problems thanks to components that are easy to detach from one another.

With the LYNDEN VOX you get a compact, powerful and easy to use e-cigarette that was designed in Germany and convinces with the usual high quality. Vapor and taste development are unparalleled in this price range.

# 3 Uwell Crown 4 kit

The Uwell Crown 4 Box Mod is finally available in a starter set that is interesting for both beginners and advanced vapers.

If you want to say goodbye to conventional smoking today, this product makes it easy for you.

Our experiences with this device are exclusively positive. The performance as well as the design and ease of use are good.

The maximum of 200 watts, which can be achieved with the help of two 18650 batteries (not included in the scope of delivery), ensures a lot of power, so that this box mod can be used even after long sessions.

Although the dimensions of this kit (138.8 mm x 52.5 mm x 25 mm) are not kept minimalistic, this product still fits in your pocket and will ensure that you are well equipped with at least 24 hours of running time per day.

Full power ahead is also called for with the Crown 4 sub-ohm tank also included in this kit, which has a capacity of up to 6 ml.

In addition, the new Pro-FOCS coil technology has been integrated into this tank for improved taste.

Overall, this kit really benefits every vaper, especially those who yearn for a good performance.

# 4 Eleaf iStick Pico 25

The classic among the entry-level models and also a real all-rounder in the field of e-cigarettes.

Anyone who has already owned a Pico from Eleaf will be able to confirm that this product is kept simple in terms of function and design, but offers absolute TOP quality and workmanship.

No matter whether you are a beginner or a vape professional, everyone will find a unique item here that comes with many extras.

Although the mod does not include a battery in the scope of delivery, we are looking at an extensive starter kit with a few spare parts, two different resistors (0.2 and 0.3 ohms) and an attractive clearomizer from Ello.

There are also two drip tips with which the maximum tank volume can be increased from two to up to 4.5 ml.

Similar to its predecessor, the Pico 25 lies perfectly in the hand, but you immediately notice that a few small details have been optimized. The display is now larger, as is the case with the filling opening or the air inlets on the atomizer.

Overall, the Pico 25 allows a larger number of atomizer heads if you don't get along so well with the Ello. Overall, a more than worthy successor!

# 5 GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit

The GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit is a very special kind of vaper kit. This vaporizer not only impresses with its handy design and its excellent taste experience.

Because the GeekVape Aegis Mini Kit is protected against water, dust and shock. With this vaper, real outdoor adventures are also possible!

But even if you don't normally expose your own vaporizer to extreme environmental conditions, the GeekVape Aegis is a great choice.

Because as already mentioned, the Aegis really comes in a very handy design. More precisely, it is perfectly adapted to the size and motor skills of the human hand.

This means that longer enjoyment of the vapers is easily and comfortably possible. Furthermore, the Aegis can also score with its outstanding taste experience.

This is mainly due to the Cerberus subohm tank with supermesh coils. This enables a really exceptionally great taste with a resistance of 0.3 ohms.

# 6 Uwell Nunchaku 2 kit

The Uwell Nunchaku Kit is one of the most popular vaper kits for a reason. And the Nunchaku Kit 2 just got even better.

As usual, the vaper comes in a very handy format that adapts perfectly to your own hand.

This enables a very comfortable vape experience. The Nunchaku Kit 2 not only has a great cover. Inside, too, this kit is a real top vaporizer. Then there is the battery performance.

Due to the improved dimensions, the Nunchaku 2 Kit enables the integration of 18650 batteries, 20700 batteries and 21700 batteries. The maximum output power is then 100 watts. The new Vaper from Uwell also impresses with the BEIN chip.

This is shock and splash-proof and enables short circuit, low voltage, overheating and reverse polarity protection. The Nunchaku 2 tank with 5 ml tank volume can be filled easily and without screws from above.

The two subohm mesh coils included in the scope of delivery enable a very special taste experience.

# 7 Smok Stick Prince

This Smok vape pen just doesn't stop surprising.

Although the stick was designed to be so handy and delicate, it convinces with a long battery life and an incredibly large capacity of up to 8 ml.

Those who rely on a handy design and long usage times will find what they are looking for with this product.

The integrated 3000 mAh battery is easily charged via micro USB and operates the so-called "Direct Voltage Output System" with 3.4 to 4.2 V.

The user-friendliness could not be higher, at the push of a button the sub-ohm tank included in this starter set is fired as part of the "Hexagon Firing Mechanism", which ensures pleasant operation and fast standby mode.

Overall, a truly excellent device that we would particularly like to recommend to those who are on the road for a long time in their everyday life and do not want to do without their e-cigarette.

According to SMOK, the quality is as usual high.

# 8 Innokin Endura T22 starter kit

The Innokin Endura T22 Starter Kit is not considered one of the best entry-level vaping sets for nothing.

There are several reasons for this. The Innokin Endura T22 Starter Kit is particularly suitable for people who want to switch from cigarette smoking to vaping.

Because the T22 is designed in such a way that it optimally simulates the shape and smoking behavior of a cigarette.

Furthermore, the Endura T22 Starter Kit is very uncomplicated and easy to use. The perfect companion for the vape entry.

But even if this is a beginner set, the T22 kit is anything but inferior or “cheap”.

Because only high-quality materials such as stainless steel and Pyrex glass are used. The tank has a volume of 4 ml.

The battery has a capacity of 2000 mAh and enables 14 watts with every move.

And since the Innokin Endura T22 Starter Kit comes with a standard 510 thread connection, you can also change the atomizer heads without any problems.

# 9 Innokin Kroma-A Zenith Kit

Innokin is known to every vaper fan. And the new Innokin Kroma-A Zenith Kit also impresses with the highest quality and an indescribable taste experience.

One of the most important features is of course the MTL (Mouth to Lung) Tank Zenith developed by Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis.

This then has a very large capacity of 4 ml. And thanks to the Topfill function, refilling is super easy.

Furthermore, the tank is then delivered with two coils: Once the 1.6 ohm coil (pre-installed) and the replacement coil with 0.8 ohm.

But the tank also comes with a real sensation: the top-fill-twist system. This automatically switches off the flow of liquid during filling.

This will prevent flooding or splashing. And thanks to the built-in 2000 mAh battery with a mod 75 watt output power, the tank always has enough power.

In our experience, you can get through a day without reloading.

With the Bottom Airflow Control with four air openings on the underside of the Zenith evaporator, you can adjust the air supply individually.

# 10 Uwell Valyrian 2 kit

The Uwell Valyrian 2 Kit is one of the most unique and popular vapers around. This is due to the unique hexagonal design made of galvanized aluminum.

This makes for a lot of envious looks and with 74 mm x 41 mm x 49 mm it is quite handy. Another important plus point of the Uwell Valyrian 2 Kit is the tank.

After all, it has a spectacular capacity of 6 ml of e-liquid.

Filling the tank is also easy and uncomplicated thanks to the top cap that can be folded down at the push of a button.

The Uwell Valyrian 2 Kit comes with two coils: The UN2 Meshed Coil with 0.32 Ohm (pre-installed) and the UN2-2 Dual Mesh Coil with 0.14 Ohm.

The special thing about these coils: Both have the same self-cleaning mechanism, as does the Uwell Crown IV kit.

This mechanism leads unused, condensed liquid back to the coil. The Valyrian 2 tank works with a bottom airflow and thus enables very open puffs.

What to Know About Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have taken the world by storm. However, not every smoker has “gotten a taste for it” yet.

Probably the biggest reasons why smokers have not yet dared to test an e-cigarette is that they either do not trust the technology yet or are put off by the numerous products and the enormous selection that are available in this market segment today .

But don't worry, a good e-cigarette is really easy to use. In this article, interested readers will learn everything they should know about starter kits.

Our view of e-cigarettes to quit smoking

We still believe that electronic cigarettes are great for helping people quit smoking. Of course, don't expect too much, as we all know how difficult it can be to break free from nicotine addiction.

However, there are first-class starter sets on the market today that make it really easy to finally get rid of your nicotine addiction, without the many withdrawal symptoms and pain.

We have acquired the products of the most famous manufacturers and distributors and tested them ourselves, so that it is easier for you to see the advantages and disadvantages of various electronic cigarettes.

Our experience has shown that there are definitely differences in quality in electronic cigarettes, and we hope that we can give you an answer to the question: Which e-cigarette is the best?

Armed with these little miracle cures, anyone can break free from the nasty nicotine, especially with an e-cigarette test winner.

The many types of e-cigarettes

If you are new to starter kits, the many brands and types can be confusing.

So it can be hard to find the best e-cigarette on the market. Here we take a closer look at the three most popular types of electronic cigarettes.

Compact e cigarettes

This is, so to speak, the first generation of electronic cigarettes. Although there are now a variety of designs, these starter sets are still very popular and for good reason: e-cigarette manufacturers have built them to look exactly like real cigarettes.

If you don't know, you can only tell the difference if you look very carefully.

Many people prefer this type of construction to eGo or APVs, primarily because they look like real cigarettes.

Because the eGo or APV products don't look like cigarettes at all and these products now have really unusual shapes and color combinations.

Cigarette-like products are best for ...

These products are great for newbies who have no experience.

They make getting started a lot easier, because they are very easy to use and once you get the hang of it, you can get along with products from all brands and manufacturers.

However, many vapers prefer a slightly more powerful battery or want the rising cloud of steam to be even bigger.

In these cases, APVs and eGos are a better choice. In the e-cigarette price comparison, however, these are of course higher up than the simple models.


This is the second generation of electronic cigarettes. They look like pens, some are confusingly similar to cigarettes.

The eGo Style products have quickly become the most popular starter sets because they are cheap, chic and high quality.

Many of these eGo products are offered in several versions (as VV (with variable voltage), Twist, eGo-T, eGo-C, etc.).

The eGo is not only the most popular product, it is also the most cost-effective. With them, savings of up to 85% compared to smoking can be achieved, which is extremely important, especially for heavy smokers.

However, this is a maximum value and every vaper should consider their personal situation and then calculate the savings. For us it was 65% on average, which is still an extremely high amount.

They are usually a little heavier and larger. But what is even more important: The battery ranges from 450 to 1100 mAh, which means that you rarely have to charge it.

Of course there is also a wide range of e-liquids for these products, with all imaginable flavors.

You can put together your own flavors and also have a large selection in terms of nicotine strength and the PG-VG * ratio.

* PG = propylene glycol and VG = vegetable glycerine. The basic e-liquid is made from either one or a combination of both substances. You can find out more about PG and VG in the “E-Liquid” section.

e-Go are best when ...

... you have already tried a cigarette-like starter set, but were not really satisfied with it. E-Go form the bridge, so to speak, between the simplest products and high-end products.

Most vapers opt for the e-Go because it has a significantly higher vapor volume. Another reason that should not be neglected is that the performance of the battery is significantly better than is the case with ordinary e-cigarettes.

So anyone who travels a lot by bus, car or train is spot on with an e-Go!

Battery mod

This is, so to speak, the third generation electronic cigarettes. It is interesting that there has only been such an extensive range of colors and shapes available on the market today for a few months; They come in the form of screwdrivers or even small boxes.

Battery mods are particularly popular with connoisseurs and fans of electronic cigarettes. The more powerful battery and the many setting options in particular ensure that the sales figures for these products are constantly increasing.

Battery mods are best suited for ...

... experienced vapers! These products can almost be daunting for beginners, because there are so many things to adjust that inexperienced users can quickly become overwhelmed.

Experienced vapers have the decisive advantage with this design, however, that they can completely adapt their vaping experience to their own needs. In addition, the batteries have a significantly longer shelf life, which makes them ideal for longer trips.

More about mod box mods ...

The basic components of electronic cigarettes

If you take a closer look at an average starter set, it consists of just three components: battery, cartomizer and e-liquid.

Once you know these components, it no longer matters which brand or manufacturer you choose, because these components always work in the same way, even if the color and shape can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Sometimes the e-liquid is also called e-juice, which is particularly useful information when buying. This e-liquid or e-juice can be understood as the fuel for an electronic cigarette.

This is where the taste and nicotine resides, if you haven't opted for a nicotine-free strain. As soon as this little device is activated, the liquid turns into vapor and can be inhaled.

There is now an endless selection of different e-liquids, so let's cover the most important aspects so that everything goes smoothly when you buy it.

The most important thing to know is that e-liquids are not only available in numerous flavors, but nicotine levels can also be purchased in different dosages.

The nicotine value is usually given in milliliters and is written directly on the e-liquid. In the following section we provide an insight into the most commonly available nicotine levels:

0 mg / ml: Ideal for non-smokers. This is all about taste, not nicotine.

6 mg / ml: Ideal for casual smokers who smoke less than half a pack of cigarettes.

12 mg / ml: This nicotine level is intended for the average smoker who smokes between half a pack and a full pack a day.

18 mg / ml: For heavy smokers who smoke more than one pack a day.

The four essential ingredients of e-liquid - nicotine, PG, VG, and flavors. But what exactly is this VVG and PG?

VG (vegetable glycerin) is a thick, sweet liquid. VG ensures that voluminous clouds of steam are created and is also responsible for the sweet taste.

PG (propylene glycol) is a much thinner liquid. PG ensures the "hit" when vaping, just as we know it from tobacco cigarettes. This component is particularly important in order to simulate smoking a cigarette as well as possible.

However, there are people who cannot do very much with PG. It's best to just try different products and make your own judgment.

We recommend new vapers to start with a 50/50 mix of PG and VG. Then you can experiment with other combinations and slowly but surely approach your favorite flavor.

If you don't get a "pleasant hit" while pulling, it is advisable to choose a 70/30 mixture of VG / PG for your next order.

Also important: cigarette-like products are usually delivered with pre-filled cartridges. You don't really have to know anything else to get started.

If you decide on a starter kit, you should perhaps pay closer attention to the product content, because there are products that are supplied with e-liquid, but also some that do not contain any liquid.

More about e-cigarette liquid ...

Evaporator, tanks and depots at a glance

This part of an e-cig has several names: cartomizer, clearomizer, tank or vaporizer, the latter term usually being used for cigarette-like products.

Depending on which federal state you are in, other “jargon expressions” can also be used. In terms of function, however, they are all the same: This part has the job of holding the e-liquid and converting it into vapor.

Inside the cartridge there is a small part called the atomizer. This atomizer is responsible for the generation of steam. As soon as the consumer pulls on the mouthpiece, some e-liquid is sent to the atomizer, which in turn is heated and thus creates the vapor.

Cartridges can be very frustrating because something can always go wrong with these products. But there are also brands that have really high-quality cartridges in their range, with which there are hardly any problems.

Tip: When buying, really pay attention to quality, because low-quality cartridges also ensure that the full taste of the e-liquid does not come into its own.


The battery is the last but equally important part of an e-cigarette. Nothing works without the battery, so it goes without saying that this component is also regularly looked after and cared for.

There is a rule of thumb for batteries: the larger the battery, the longer it lasts and the longer the electric cigarette can be used.

You don't need to know more here. This also depends on the model and construction of the electronic cigarette.

Many ex-smokers opt for a cigarette-like design, although you should know that the batteries built into these products are rather small.

A suitable good e-cigarette is of course the eGo, because with this product the vaper has the option of manually adjusting the battery, which can massively improve the durability.

In the following we explain the most important differences between commercially available batteries. These are:

  1. mAh - Stands for mAh and is the unit of measurement for the performance of a battery. The higher this value, the more energy there is in the battery and the longer it can be used.

In the field of electronic cigarettes, the known eGo designs have values ​​between 600 and 1300 mAh, while the cigarette-like products usually have somewhat weaker batteries.

  1. Automatically or manually - One of the most hotly debated topics among vapers is still whether to opt for automatic or manual execution.

Both parties have good reasons, but we keep saying: try it yourself and then make a decision.

With automatic versions you have the advantage that the battery is automatically activated as soon as you take a drag on the mouthpiece of the e-cigarette.

With the manual versions, you first have to press a button.

Of course you will now think that in this case you will definitely choose the automatic variant, but there is one essential difference that we have not yet mentioned: the battery with manual e-cigarettes lasts significantly longer.

We therefore recommend the manual version, but as I said, just try it yourself and then make a judgment!

  1. Tension - While mAh is the unit of measurement for the energy a battery can have, voltage is understood as how much energy the battery can release. The higher the voltage of a battery, the more the atomizer is heated.

You can already see that the voltage is always selected according to the manufacturer's specifications and that it is by no means higher.

In the early days of electronic cigarettes, 3.7 volts was the standard, but today there are massive differences in this area.

As a rule, the small e-cigarettes start at voltages of 3 volts and, depending on the product and type, the voltage can be just under 5 volts.

From setup to maintenance

Now that we've covered the basic components of electronic cigarettes, let's turn to their operations.

Here we can say that the maintenance and care of electronic cigarettes is far from difficult and does not take much time. So let's do it!

Newly purchased products look great, of course, but once you've used them a few times, they lose some of their shine.

Fortunately, the components can be removed and cleaned easily and quickly, so that you can call a shiny and radiant product your own for many years to come.

Charge the batteries: The batteries should be considered first. As soon as you have bought your starter set, you have to charge the battery straight away. The e-cigarette should really only be used when the battery is fully charged.

Put the parts together - Depending on which e-cigarette starter set you have chosen, it may happen that you first have to prove your manual skills.

Don't worry, because you really don't need any specialist knowledge here and anyone who has ever assembled a figure from a surprise egg will not have a problem with electronic cigarettes either.

If you want to save yourself some work, make sure that the good piece is already assembled when buying.

Fill the cartomizer: The best thing to do is to start by removing the cartomizer and holding the whole thing at about a 45 degree angle. Here you should be careful not to spill valuable liquid.

It is particularly important to ensure that no e-liquid is poured into the air holes in the middle.

This ensures that you get e-liquid in your mouth the next time you use it and believe us, that is not a feeling that you absolutely want to experience a second time.

As soon as you have filled in the e-liquid, quickly close the lid again and drip off any spilled e-liquid with a cloth.

After two or three times you get the hang of it and complete the whole process in less than two minutes.

Preparation: If the set you ordered was not delivered with a housing, you have two options: Either you order a suitable housing or you can make a makeshift solution.

Of course, it is more practical to order a case and use a makeshift solution in the meantime.

Maintenance and servicing of electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are definitely different from tobacco cigarettes. In order to expand the savings potential even further, it is particularly important to maintain the good piece on a regular basis.

If you clean and care for your e-cigarette frequently, you can always be sure that the taste of the e-liquid will fully develop and that a long shelf life is guaranteed. Here are a few tips on how to properly care for them.

Pay attention to the level of the e-liquids - It is particularly important to keep an eye on the e-liquid. With modern products, it is particularly easy to recognize the level because it can be read off at a glance.

You should try to change the e-liquid when there is only a quarter of the liquid in the container (tank). Many beginners make the mistake of letting the e-liquid run out completely, which raises the problem that the atomizer can be damaged.

Of course, this is not in the interests of the consumer, because a defective atomizer means that you have to buy a completely new cartridge.

Regular cleaning - It is also important to take the time to care. The batteries should be cleaned at both ends and the cartomizer should also be checked at least once a week.

Components have to be replaced again and again - In the case of electronic cigarettes, too, the individual components wear out over time. Therefore, one should immediately get used to the idea of ​​regularly replacing certain components.

The atomizer in particular can wear out quickly because it is exposed to enormous heat. But even if you replace components every now and then, e-cigarettes are still significantly cheaper than tobacco cigarettes.

Our attitude towards vaping

There are many people who have made it through electronic cigarettes to quit smoking.

There are of course many other methods such as chewing gum, plasters, even therapies and hypnosis, but if you are honest, these methods have only had moderate success.

In most cases, these methods lead to setbacks and light a tobacco again after a few days, maybe weeks.

After a number of years, a device was finally introduced on the market that made it much easier to quit smoking: the electric cigarette.

Non-smokers are not always aware that not only does the nicotine keep you on the line, but over the years a ritual also develops, which can also cause problems when you quit smoking.

Many smokers simply enjoy bringing the cigarette to their mouth slowly and taking a strong drag.

E-cigarettes help to maintain this ritual for the time being and at the same time to work on steadily reducing the nicotine intake.

We believe that vaping has a number of advantages over smoking and we cannot imagine ever going back to the blue haze.

Are electric cigarettes really a silver bullet against smoking?

This assertion can definitely be left as it is. E-cigarettes help to alleviate the numerous negative aspects and harms that occur again and again in connection with tobacco cigarettes.

The smoke from a single cigarette has more toxins and pollutants than one can imagine with common sense. The danger posed by passive smoking is also completely eliminated with the electronic version.

As the? E-cigarettes contain nicotine as the only pollutant, provided you choose nicotine-containing e-liquids. Nicotine cannot be passed on through passive smoking and the thousands of toxins and pollutants from tobacco cigarettes are also eliminated.

One should also let it melt in the mouth that several studies have so far shown that nicotine is not more addictive than coffee. We can also confirm this from our own experience.

Nevertheless, we don't let our morning cup of coffee dissuade us and should it really come to the point that e-coffee is the healthier alternative, we will stick with the tried and tested coffee. After an e-cigarette test, however, we are both happy and proud to have made the switch.

The truth about vaping

You really have to admit that there is a lot of misinformation out there in this market segment. Many people believe that the negative aspects are simply carried over, that is to say: electronic cigarettes pose the same risks as ordinary cigarettes.

However, this is a misconception and has already been refuted by a number of studies. Rather, vaping should be viewed as the opposite of smoking, or even better, as an efficient way to finally get rid of your smoking addiction.

Of course, the change is not easy, because a completely new world is waiting for you and of course you want to get comprehensive information about all conceivable details before you can make a wise decision.

Disposable sets are best for your own e-cigarette test. We also hope, of course, that this guide has helped you a little and answered a few questions.

If you have any further questions, we recommend the forum, in which thousands of people who have made their way from smokers to vapers are now cavorting.

Take the first step towards a healthier future today! There is nothing to lose, but a lot to gain!

The bestE-cigarette comparison 2021

We understand that with the enormous number of models available, it is difficult to make a decision. Which e-cigarette do you recommend? The answer depends entirely on your personal preferences.

We have compared numerous e-cigarettes in the test and described them in detail - so you can pay close attention to how the individual models performed in the areas that are important to you.

Such an electronic cigarette test illuminates all elements - from the battery to the tank to the design. Only models that can convince at least in the majority of the areas tested make it into the e-cigarette best list.

Of course, every model has its strengths and weaknesses. We have made it our business to find this out. After all, not everyone can put together a top 10 e-cigarette themselves - that would cost a lot of money and effort.

One of the most important factors when deciding for or against a model is for the most part the price of the e-cigarette. Everyone has a different budget - for this reason we have divided our e-cigarette comparison into three different price ranges.

After all, not only your own purchasing power plays a role here, but also your vaping experience. A beginner would like to first try out whether vaping is right for him, while an experienced vaper likes to invest more in the best e-cigarette for him.