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Offsetting against inheritance and compulsory portion claims

Answer to the question from the lawyer11.01.2008 | 21:30

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Please understand that in regular office operations it is not always possible to respond within a few minutes or even seconds to a question that has also been properly addressed with the original answer. A response time of one day should actually be acceptable.
You want favorable advice on a good online platform, you have received it. Nevertheless, I would like to explain the situation to you again. The wording of the handover document is clear. The property is to be offset against the inheritance / compulsory portion, i.e. the value is to be deducted. The other arrangements you cited state that compensation for the value in excess of the inheritance should not be made to the siblings who have already been otherwise compensated. In short: inheritance less value of the anticipated inheritance = remaining amount of the claim from the inheritance. If this is negative, the heir is no longer entitled.

Regardless of your early and incomprehensible negative evaluation, I remain

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Andreas M. Boukai