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Selling wine - valuation for old wines

Have you recently fallen into your hands with unexpectedly ripe and old wines? Then you definitely want to determine the value of your wine collection or even sell a wine from this collection. We'll tell you what is important when selling rare wines and how you can get the best prices for old wines.


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Selling wine - these reasons speak for it

You may be wondering why you even get one sell old wine should? There are many people who are looking for a serious wine buyer and want to sell an old wine. Very few people know what they actually store in the basement. For example, if you have inherited a house and cellar with a collection of wine bottles, you might want to sell the inherited wine. But what other reasons could you have for selling old wines?

  1. Too much wine has been bought and it is impossible to drink it. Selling a few bottles is conceivable.
  2. When moving to a new home, a cellar or attic full of wine bottles was suddenly discovered. Selling old wine could bring in cash.
  3. Perhaps an entire wine cellar was inherited through an inheritance. This happens again and again and causes people to sell old wines privately.
  4. There are people who struggle with histamine intolerance and, above all, stop drinking red wine as a result. Selling these wine bottles is only logical.
  5. Some people bought cheap top wines from Croatia, France (Bordeaux or Burgundy), Italy, Austria or Germany a long time ago and are now speculating with a profitable sale of these wines.
  6. Maybe you just need money right now and want to sell a bottle or several bottles of wine.
  7. There are also times when people want to part with a wine because they don't drink wine and they received a bottle of wine as a gift at their birthday party.
  8. If you have to move abroad, it can make sense to sell old wines.
  9. If a person has an alcohol problem, it is also advisable to disconnect from the entire wine inventory.

If any of these points apply to you, read on and find out valuable information about “Selling Old Wine”. We'll tell you what is important when selling old wines and, above all, where you can best sell your rare wines.

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This is what matters when selling old wine

The prices for old wines depend on several factors and cannot be generalized. A uniform value cannot be determined under any circumstances, as the potential of the wines is very different. Basically, the price of old wine is determined by the demand and the offer certainly. In addition, the potential buyer makes sure that the wine is still drinkable. We explain below the most important properties in detail, to which the sale and the Appraisal of wine care should be taken.


  • storage
  • cork
  • label
  • capsule
  • Level
  • vintage

Selling wine - features in detail

You should consider these characteristics before you want to sell your wine. This allows you to find out in advance whether a sale is worthwhile or not.

Storage of old wine

An important factor is that storage. Has the wine been stored at the right temperature and in the right place? Storage in the living room at temperatures of over 30 degrees and low humidity is by no means recommended. This means that the wine no longer becomes its original quality show and the value of the wine is gone.

The cork from the wine

In addition to proper storage, it also depends on the cork at. Make sure that this is properly closed and that the cork has not raised or lowered. Like other organic substances, a cork loses its suppleness over time. If wine is already coming out of the cork, then the wine may no longer be able to be sold. Then you could only use it for vinegar.

The label on the wine bottle

A intact label is a important ingredient in the valuation of your wine. The label should be legible and ideally not show any abrasion marks or soiling. Signs of mold usually do not mean high value. So that the value of the wine is preserved, so is the label of the wine bottle to be treated with care. This is comparable to handling a postage stamp.

The capsule on the bottle

The aluminum clasp, too capsule called, must also be error-free and in order. If oxidation is already forming on the capsule, everything points to poor storage of the wine. This also reduces the value considerably.

The level of the wine bottle

With every wine it can happen over the years that the Level sinks. When filling a wine bottle, there is a small amount of air in the bottle neck between the liquid and the cork base. In the course of storage, there is a slight loss due to evaporation. With a high quality cork and one proper storage the old wine hardly suffers any significant loss. A noticeably high shrinkage compared to the age of the wine is usually an indicator of a damaged cork or incorrect storage. This can have a strong influence on the price of your rare wines.

Vintage of the wine

At the vintage There can often be enormous price differences for a wine. Regarding the wine year, it is irrelevant whether the wine was also bottled stating this year or not. As with champagne or port wine, statements about the quality of the annual production are useful. Even in not so good vintages, renowned wineries and winemakers from Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia and France can produce excellent wines. Still are Wine rarities from a top year many times over more valuable and expensive. A Bordeaux from the vintage 1982 or 2000 usually achieves a higher price when sold than a Bordeaux from the 1980 or 1992 vintage. Price differences of up to 300% can arise here.

By the way:

In the case of top-class players, a certificate of origin is an advantage for determining the value. In some cases, popular wines were able to achieve high prices through Catawiki.

The most expensive wine in the world

A 0.75L bottle of Romanee-Conti from 1945 is currently the most expensive wine of the world. The 73-year-old bottle of the French Burgundy was auctioned on October 13, 2018 for the equivalent of € 489,000. The bottle was originally estimated by the experts at € 28,000. A few minutes later, a second bottle of the same wine was auctioned for € 434,000. Romanee-Conti 1945 thus holds a double record: 1st place and 3rd place.

These and other auctions show that the demand for rare top wines remains high. The demand for selected and very rare Burgundies is constantly increasing.

  1. Romanee-Conti 1945
  2. Screaming Eagle Cabernet 1992
  3. Romanee-Conti 1945

Determine the value of old wine yourself - our recommendation

It is advisable to get an overview of your wine inventory. For example, visit the platform https://www.vivino.com/ and search for the wine from which you are interested in Determine the value want. Information on the winery, name of the wine, grape variety and vintage is helpful. After that you will receive Prices to the wines. The deciding factor is often the year of production. Because there is a serious difference between a top Bordeaux wine from 1984 and a mature Bordeaux wine from the famous chateau from 1982.

Where can you sell old wine?

There are several places where you can sell your old wine. A sale at a local wine retailer would be conceivable. However, we recommend one for you Online wine sales - there are two possibilities here again. Which possibilities these are, which ones advantages and disadvantages Now let's explain these methods to you.

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Sell ​​wine in the region

One way of selling old wine is as follows: You could go in search of a private person or a wine merchant in your area and contact them. However, this path could prove tedious and unsuccessful if you ever find someone suitable to sell wine in your region. You would have to go through business directories, obtain information and contact details and contact each individual. Not only can this cost you time, but it can also be exhausting.

Sell ​​wine online

It is much easier and faster to sell your wine online. All you have to do is offer your wine once and buyers will automatically find you or the wine you are offering. There are a few different points of contact for this. You can try your luck on Ebay and sell your wines online there. However, you may not get a fair price for your old wine as real wine connoisseurs are unlikely to look for it on Ebay.

Buying wine - our recommendation

Rather, we recommend that you buy your wine online through a specialized platform that many prospective buyers visit for rare wines. If you have old wine or even your complete one Sell ​​wine collection you should find as many bidders as possible and compete with one another. Because this is how the principle of supply and demand works: the more bidders want an old wine bottle, the higher the selling price. At Catawiki.de you benefit from proven expertswho appreciate the value of their wine. You can sell your wine based on this estimate and set a reserve price.

  1. Register as a seller with Catawiki. Registration is free and without obligation.
  2. Have the wine assessed and valued by experts.
  3. Release wine for auction with more than 14 million interested parties
  4. Sell ​​wine. Receive secure payment.
  5. Catawiki handles the payments for you.

To the provider CATAWIKI

The solution: offer wine online in the wine auction

Catawiki.de is an online auction house that more than 14 million visitors recorded per month. These come from all over the world and are also interested in old wines from France, Italy, Croatia, Germany and Austria. You benefit from bidders who are interested in your rare wines and are happy to do so high purchase prices pay for it. At Catawiki.de there is a notarial control of the sales, which is why sellers and biddersfully secured are. The sales price is paid out within a few days and is absolute reliable. Catawiki.de guarantees its users the highest level of discretion.

If you have your sell old wine it is an advantage to go to a specialized auction house such as Catawiki.de. The auction house is interested in a small sales commission and will therefore try to sell your wine as dearly as possible.

We started a seller survey and wanted to know from our readers where the best selling prices for old wine can be obtained. The result is clear.

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