I think Cell Excel crashes on closing

PowerPoint or Excel crashes when started by double-clicking a file.


If PowerPoint or Excel crashes every time you try to open a particular file, you have encountered a previously unknown problem. Please first find out if the problem is too without activated think-cell occurs:

  1. Deactivate think-cell in PowerPoint:
    PowerPoint → Insert → think-cell → More → Deactivate think-cell
  2. Close PowerPoint and Excel.
  3. Open the affected file.


Should be the problem exclusively occur when think-cell is activated, we would like to ask you to solve the problem to send us the relevant presentation.

  1. Contact our support team by email and attach the file that has the problem to your email.
  2. If you are not sure which guidelines apply in your company to the transfer of files to think-cell, please contact your IT support.

After think-cell has been deactivated, you can reload and edit the file that caused the crash. You can temporarily not use the think-cell add-in for this file. However, we usually provide an update within a few days.