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ADC talent :
The winners of the ADC young talent competition

Thesis of the year

is the case "Würmlas walls" by Katharina C. Herzog and David Leitner, who study at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. They initiated an art project in the municipality of Würmla, a small town 60 kilometers away from Vienna: Würmla's walls - urban art on rural facades. They designed a total of 13 old barns, cellars and silos in ten localities of the municipality. The motifs were created in cooperation with the owners: inside the walls and tell personal stories of the villagers: inside of Würmla, of their wishes and worries, of life in the country. At the interface between urban art and rural architecture, meeting areas were created that were connected by a hiking trail.

A book also provides information about the stories behind the walls. The Grand Prix Case "Würmlas Walls" allows urban and rural residents to enter into a dialogue and make prejudices and stereotypes visible. "That was the work that all of us in the jury have been waiting for. It creates an experience in public space that could hardly be more beautiful. Incredibly emotional, conceptually strong and wonderfully implemented. Here, the country and the city collide with full force Strike each other and moving stories become visible. Street art in the immediate human context. We would prefer to call it social media, "said the ADC jury's reasoning.

And finally, for the first time since 2017, the ADC jury awarded the title of

Practical work of the year

The awards were given to Sandra Lizeth Valencia, Kai West Schlosser and Thao Vu Phuong from Serviceplan. Sandra Lizeth Valencia is responsible for the text of the "Meltdown Flags" case, Kai West Schlosser and Thao Vu Phuong contributed to the design.

With this work, Serviceplan, in cooperation with the environmental technology company Meter, wants to set an example against the global retreat of glaciers. Data and design were combined to boldly visualize the melting of the glaciers. Step by step, the creatives in the national flags of countries with glaciers have reduced the proportion of white.

The ADC jury justified the award as follows: "The campaign condenses a complex, global topic into a simple, compelling and even oppressive visual! It skillfully emotionalises a supposedly distant topic and brings it to the respective country. To your country! On your doorstep! In addition, the campaign makes use of numerous data in an innovative way. "

The Grands Prix and all other prizes were awarded live on YouTube on Thursday evening. The chairmen Katrin Oeding, Sabine Cole and Cedric Ebener also gave an insight into the jury meetings on YouTube in the jury talk. All information about the ADC Festival can be found here.