What is the opposite of subsidiary

the opposite of fear is love

Yeah, think about it.

The question: "What would love do?" Will change your thoughts and consequently your actions and thus your reality. What a great, deep and beautiful text! You're right, but the reason is simply the myriad of them. But he still has too much EGO and takes himself too seriously and believes he is in possession of the (absolute) truth. He is also not a role model for a good instructor. Finding the truth is also a task for us. How about ignoring my articles? In order to do this, however, I assume that the person being criticized does not turn out to be "resistant to advice", but rather deals with the criticism in an argumentative manner. And when a person who is very close to you suddenly has to go to the hospital, then you usually feel a mixture of fear and pain, because you don't want the loved one to be so helpless. Correction: "On the other hand, I am inclined to even to contradict motley ”- to contradict Giorgio. This shows once again that everyone has their own interpretations and considers them to be true and sets as absolute what is clear through this constantly repeated fear - no negative energy and trust no positive energy - not sometimes as a metaphor or allegory is the statement: “I can certainly be afraid and still have confidence at the same time. philosophical treatises or literary reviews or the like. Our entire world is built up in the form of duality, the good and the bad, the light and the dark, the warmth and the cold. Much will be easy for you to understand if you ask yourself this one question when you meet people. Those who ask lousy questions in life can only get lousy answers and thus lousy results. We are at best a better or less good fit. To be in love is to look each other in the eye. For example, a more appropriate formulation would have been “Fear and love work in opposition to one another”. (Sarcasm on) Truly a very practical example of the "unconditional love" you give here for the worst! (Sarcasm off) and another practical example of “unconditional love”! Well, and you dear Angela, something very essential is missing in your life, namely a real beating. But I sometimes do the same with other people who are adored. For example, you seem to accept that in your hurt! Why am I rehashing it? Oh yes, I am convinced that they exist. ANXIETY; getting hurt. And you don't even notice it or you don't want to admit it. But my surroundings have got used to it, I think. (You overlook it politely, but you remember it forever.)

If I should have hit you, Webmax to the core with the two sentences mentioned, I beg your pardon. Quote: “... An empathetic person can feel whether he writes hurtful. the element WIND (I almost love the gentle wind in birch leaves) physicality, nerve tracts? I am a person who was highly telepathic as a child (in general I was in many respects a walking sensor, a walking measuring and recording device with an occasional screen app), was even able to pick up the impending something in advance, before it was revealed in reality as words (because a word and an intention are preceded by [infrasound] waves). If one asks you what color is, it says: “A vibration” or a refraction of light or a division of the spectrum.

For me too, because yesterday I also fell into the “emotion trap”, opened myself to the back and forth and contributed to it. If man were to ask himself the right questions regardless of social constraints and live according to the answers that are valid for him, he would exclude himself. But the lid doesn't fit that well anymore, this knowledge oozes out everywhere. An alkaline diet consists mainly of vegetables, herbs and salads. Unconditional love actually only means a love that is ALWAYS there without any conditions, simply as a state of BEING. coherent) statements: “The 5 elements are also an image and a correspondence from the spiritual world, simply in deeply materialized form, that is, strongly condensed vibration.” “Ether is the term for the spiritual change and the connection of matter, as well as the The permeability and distribution of light and vibrations, and thus also of information and heat. ”The comparison and correspondence between the macrocosm of earth and the microcosm of human beings is also interesting:“ In the physical world we distinguish three kinds of existence, three kinds of aggregate states: solid, liquid and gaseous; also the so-called ether, the ethereal materiality, which is the reason why light, warmth and so on go through space. On a temperature scale between hot and cold, you most likely wouldn't want to be completely at boiling point, nor completely freezing point; you usually choose your comfort zone of temperature somewhere in between these two extremes. Or think before you write. You are close to being kicked out again, beloved. People like to use such symbolism in order to be able to explain their actions or their thoughts. They need them as indicators to be able to name their place in society. Highly intelligent and well formulated with weak senses at the same time. For me sport is physical activity and if we want to be precise, please no stylistic nonsense that does not produce new knowledge or illuminate something from a different perspective. ThomRam wrote about the two souls in Webmax breast, this sentence fits you perfectly.

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