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Shower toilet: When the toilet also cleans you up

A shower toilet gives you a whole new feeling of cleanliness, as has long been standard in Japan. We'll tell you about the technology behind the bidet toilets that are now also conquering Germany.

  1. Anyone who uses a shower toilet will hardly want to be without it
  2. The technology is in the lid or in the ceramic
  3. The hygienic shower can be set individually
  4. What does a shower toilet cost?
  5. Shower toilets are easy to clean

In Japan, toilets with an integrated intimate cleaning function have long been standard. Now the combination of toilet and bidet is about to conquer our home bathroom. No wonder, if you let yourself be cleaned by a shower toilet with pleasantly warm water for the first time, then conventional cleaning with toilet paper or wet wipes is usually no longer enough for you.

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Anyone who uses a shower toilet will hardly want to be without it

Most people find cleaning with a hygienic water jet pleasant. You will feel cleaner afterwards than just wiping it with toilet paper. Especially since the whole procedure is quick and easy.

But how does a toilet with a bidet actually work? The modern toilet is full of technology, which in turn is easy to keep clean and maintain. Most models have a descaling function. Not insignificant, as our water in Germany is extremely calcareous. Read here how you can get your water softer with a water softener.

The technology is in the lid or in the ceramic

Two different systems exist side by side: either the technology is hidden in the toilet lid - which then looks quite massive - or in the ceramics. With the latter, you don't even see from the outside of the shower toilet that it has an intimate cleaning function. It looks like an ordinary toilet, the design of which is also adapted by most manufacturers to the rest of the sanitary ware in a series.

If you want to treat yourself to the everyday luxury of a shower toilet, you first need a power connection in addition to fresh water and waste water. Most toilets with showers can be operated comfortably and hygienically via remote control or with your smartphone via an app. Often there is also a control panel directly on the toilet.

The hygienic shower can be set individually

The heart of every shower toilet is the shower arm, through which the body-warm water comes into the genital area for cleaning after the business. Here you can set your personal feel-good shower individually. In other words, adjust the position of the wand nozzle, the strength of the shower jet and the water temperature to your own preferences.

Many Washlets have an oscillation function in which the shower arm gently moves back and forth. An anal shower for the rear and a lady shower for the front genital area provide even more comfort. It goes without saying that the shower nozzle cleans itself automatically before and after each use.

Some bidet toilets even have heated toilet seats and a built-in hairdryer. But please note: A shower toilet saves toilet paper, but it cannot completely replace manual cleaning. Although you need less toilet paper for cleaning, you won't get completely clean with the - luckily gentle - water jet, as awohngl├╝ck.de user reports.

What does a shower toilet cost?

The clean luxury of a Japanese toilet has its price, of course. It starts at around 1,400 euros. The new premium product from Toto, the Washlet RW, costs around 3,000 euros.

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You pay around 1,700 euros for the VICLEAN-I 100 shower toilet from Villeroy & Boch. If you have the installation done by a professional, which we would generally advise, the installation costs will of course be added on.

You can now only buy the shower toilet attachment for your existing ceramics. Then you can buy simple models for as little as 200 euros, the popular Grohe shower toilet attachment costs around 300 euros.

Shower toilets are easy to clean

Toilets with integrated intimate cleaning are particularly easy to care for, as they also have a self-cleaning function: the bowl is moistened with water before use and then sprayed with electrolytically treated water with an antibacterial effect after using the toilet. Dirt can hardly settle there.

Like most modern toilets, the majority of shower toilets do not have a flushing rim. Rimless is the name of the open flushing rim design. The toilet flushes particularly thoroughly thanks to the innovative water flow. This makes it significantly more hygienic than the standard toilet. However, this does not save you the toilet brush.

Are you convinced of the new high-tech toilets? Or do you think that all of this is superfluous frills? Feel free to write us your opinion.