How to make sticky candy Singapore

Hey dear ones,

As I said, I wanted to visit the "Vivo City" shopping center today.
The day started with a headache, but because I wanted to get out for one
To get a better impression, I had taken 2 tablets and am with one
Roommate ran to the bus stop.

And quite honestly; That day it was very, very humid and we had to go up a 15-step flight of stairs and after that I was mega mega broken!
It is really unimaginable when you are in Germany how different it is here. My mother had to keep me from taking a jacket because I just couldn't imagine the weather.

When we got to the bus stop, we had to wait 10 minutes for the right bus to arrive. And when he was there, we just had to hold our card to a machine like that and then hold it again when we went out so that the money could be withdrawn, so that was very quick.
And in contrast to Germany, a bus trip costs nothing! That is maybe 1 - 2 euros for 9th stations / stops.

The shopping center couldn't be overlooked because it was very large and a lot of people were standing around it.

(Photo: Google)

When I got in, I was a bit overwhelmed because I didn't know where to go, because there were so many ways and it was so big.
I also didn't know which side to run on because everyone was kind of confused.
The people in the shopping center weren't that friendly, except for the salespeople. I don't know, but the people you meet on the streets here in Singapore have not yet made a good impression.
I really hoped the people would be as great here as the Japanese. !!

Well, in any case, I went out of the shopping center for a very short time and you can follow a bridge there, as you go to "Sentosa" and there are roller coasters, but also shops like Victoria's Secret, Guess, etc.

I only took 4 shots and went straight back to the cool shopping center. It was really mega mega warm outside, so that I couldn't stand it anymore.

And then I walked around the mall again and then went back to Top Shop and tried things on.
And then I decided on a completely normal T shirt, which is nothing special, but somehow I wanted it because it's cute.

In any case, I know that if you walk down this bridge in the 3rd photo, you get to "Sentosa World" and that seems to be really great! Unfortunately I didn't get the roller coaster in the photo because it was too far away. But as soon as I get there, I'll take a picture of it. And in general, there is something like "Sea Life" there; so where you can see the animals. Also through a glass dome. And I also heard, and this is a real highlight for me as a Disney fan, that there is a universal studio there. It's not that cheap (around 60 euros), but I think it's definitely worth it!

xx Sabine