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Tips for cooking with induction

The magnetic field makes the difference

The biggest difference to a normal ceramic hob is the built-in magnetic field in an induction hob. The magnetic field forms the narrow induction coils, which Copper wire are made. The induction coils are firmly embedded in the hob. The top layer of the hob is made of glass ceramic, just like a normal ceramic hob. In order to be able to cook optimally with the induction hob, you must have the basic functionality know and should internalize them. Basically it looks like this:

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  1. As soon as you turn on the stove, electricity will flow through the copper wire.
  2. This energy creates an electromagnetic field.
  3. If there is a saucepan with a magnetic base on the hob, a reaction occurs immediately.
  4. This reaction converts the energy present in the magnetic field into heat.
  5. The pot is heated.
  6. If you take the saucepan off the stove, this reaction will collapse. It will no longer give off any heat, but this also means that the stove tops are not hot.

Tip: As long as you leave the pot on the induction hob, you can also benefit from the residual heat. This protects the environment and also saves energy costs.

The induction hob offers a Maximum security. It is therefore very popular with families with small children. It's never so hot that the offspring can get burned. In addition, milk cannot burn in here.

Advantages and disadvantages of an induction hob

  • no burning possible
  • Milk and sauces do not burn in when they boil over
  • usually very fine regulation possible
  • Safe operation
  • Residual heat protects the environment
  • immediate heat transfer to the pot
  • special cookware required

This is how you can find out whether your cookware is suitable for induction cooking

Many consumers shy away from buying an induction hob because they associate it with the purchase of a new pan set. Cookware that is suitable for an induction cooker is not inexpensive. But it is not always really that Purchase of new cookware required. You should first check whether you can use your old cookware after all. It's relatively easy:

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  • Take a magnet (a game magnet or the magnet on your pin board is sufficient here.)
  • Hold the magnet to the bottom of pans and pans.
  • If the magnet sticks to the bottom of the pan, you can also use the pan or pot for the induction hob without any problems.

The pots and pans, which are designed for an induction cooker, have an iron core that is stuck in the bottom. This iron core reacts with the coils inside the induction field. Next Iron pans For example, you can usually use cast iron and stainless steel cookware without any major problems.

TIP: If you want to buy new cookware, look for the induction symbol on the respective product. This is a square in which three to five coils are incorporated.

Do not wipe the hob while cooking!
If you switch from a normal electric stove to an induction hob, you should allow some time to get used to it. This is often not that easy:
  • For example, you may not place a bowl or plate on an empty induction field. A warning signal then appears immediately for most of the fields.
  • Be careful not to wipe the fields with a rag while cooking.
  • You shouldn't just take the pot down while it is cooking. A lot of residual heat is lost and the energy requirement increases.

Fine regulation has to be learned

Most modern induction fields are provided with a much finer regulation than is the case, for example, with normal electric stoves. The manufacturers are trying one thing above all: They want to bring the induction stove closer to the gas kitchen stove. For all those who like one fine regulation but are not used to this, of course, requires a certain amount of adjustment. Especially when you want to bring something to the boil quickly or cook something slowly, such fine regulation is worth its weight in gold. It is best to take a little more time to cook at the beginning so that you can slowly get down to it service get used to.

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By the way, if you cook with an induction hob, you should not use metal cutlery. In many households, the cooking utensils are made of metal because they are naturally more robust and look easy to clean leaves. But with the metal cutlery there is always the danger that leakage currents of the magnetic field arise, which then get into the body. The consequences of this have not yet been conclusively clarified.

IMPORTANT: When cooking with an induction hob, it is best to always use a non-conductive plastic or wooden spoon. There are also silicone cooking utensils. It can be cleaned in the dishwasher without any problems and is therefore extremely easy to care for.

It is often hotly debated whether an induction hob is really better suited for cooking than a normal ceramic hob. In fact, opinions differ. With an induction hob, however, there is one Specialty: Often, even small mistakes have a negative impact. Therefore, make sure that the pots and pans always fit perfectly on the ceramic hob. Only then can you benefit from the functional principle in the best possible way. In addition, the pots and pans should have a level bottom so that there is no unpleasant radiation.

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Even with an induction hob, there is always the risk of food burning on the hob. Therefore, make sure that you have stews, sauces and, for example, vegetables stir regularly. It is very often underestimated how quickly the dishes burn on an induction cooker. You can of course prepare all dishes on an induction hob. But always keep in mind that the Cooking times change. So always stay vigilant, at least in the weeks after the switch.

If you have only recently started cooking with an induction hob, forgive yourself for one or the other mistake. It will certainly take some time to get used to the new stove. Before you buy, however, always bear in mind that the associated costs may be higher than expected because you will also have to invest in new cookware.

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Tips for cooking with induction
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