How to clean the Epson 8350 filter

If it is very dirty, use one that has been moistened with water and wrung out carefully
Cloth and wipe the surface with a dry cloth.
Do not clean the projector with kitchen cleaners or volatile substances such as wax, gasoline, or
Dilution. The case could be damaged or the paint peeled off.

Cleaning the lens

Before cleaning, make sure that the charger is unplugged from the wall socket.
Use a commercially available glass cleaning cloth and gently wipe the lens.
Do not rub the lens with hard objects and handle it gently to avoid a
To avoid damage.
Do not use a compressed air cleaner. Flammable materials could be left behind and dust could get in
the precision parts arrive.
Exchange periods for consumables

Air filter replacement period

If the change message appears even though the air filter has been cleaned

Lamp replacement period

• When the projection starts, the following message is displayed:
"It is time to replace the lamp. Please contact your Epson projector dealer or order
• The picture becomes darker or worse.
• When the lamp replacement message is displayed. The message will appear from 100 operating hours before the expiry of the
expected lamp life is displayed. It disappears after 30 seconds.
After this operating time has elapsed, the risk of the lamp breaking increases. Replace the lamp
therefore as soon as possible as soon as the message appears, even if it still works.
Depending on the type of lamp or how it is used, it can become darker or fail completely before
the warning appears. Therefore, you should always have a lamp part ready.

Change the consumables

Replace the air filter

Dispose of used air filters in accordance with your local laws and regulations.
Filter frame: polypropylene

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