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Change WhatsApp number - a guide

Change WhatsApp number - a guide - WhatsApp is an instant messaging service founded in 2009 and owned by Facebook since 2014. WhatsApp users can exchange text messages, video, image and sound files, as well as standard information, documents and contact details between two people or in groups. The name of the app is a play on words, in English WhatsApp sounds similar to "what's up" - what free with "What's going on" can be translated. Nowadays it is hard to imagine everyday mobile phone use without the app. This is already evident from the number of users. When Facebook took over WhatsApp in 2014, around 450 million users used the app at least once a month. In the summer of this year, Jan Koum - co-founder of WhatsApp - published on Facebook that WhatsApp is now used by more than a billion people. 42 billion messages, 1.6 billion photos and 250 million videos are sent via WhatsApp every day.

New mobile number - this is how you change WhatsApp

Most will use WhatsApp and probably haven't changed numbers yet. Given the number of telephone providers and prepaid providers, it is not uncommon for you to use a smartphone or iPhone for a long period of time, but your mobile number changes due to a new mobile phone contract. The following tutorial describes what to watch out for when changing numbers on WhatsApp.

Change of number on WhatsApp - central questions

These are the important questions to consider before making the number change:

  1. Will the contact lists be adopted?
  2. Will the previous chats be retained?
  3. Are your own contacts informed about the change in number?
  4. What else should you watch out for?

To 1.) All account information is transferred from the old number to the new one. This also includes profile data, groups and settings. The old phone number is deleted at the same time. Accordingly, the respective contacts see that the old phone number is no longer connected to WhatsApp.

Regarding 2.) If you continue to use the same smartphone, cell phone or iPhone, there is good news. In this case, the chat history will be retained. If you have a new mobile phone with the new phone number, you have to save the chat histories that are particularly important for a person separately. For example, you can have the relevant chats sent directly from WhatsApp via email. To do this, open the chat, then tap on “more” under “Settings”, then the “Send chat by e-mail” field appears.

To 3.) As already mentioned in the answer to the first question, the previous contacts only see that the old number is no longer active. The contact details are taken over, but you have to inform the respective contacts separately about the new phone number. Accordingly, you can write a standard message and send it to all contacts. In the case of WhatsApp groups, however, the change in number is displayed directly to the group participants. As a result, there is no need to contact the members separately.

to 4.) WhatsApp refers to the following two points:

  1. Make sure your new phone number can receive SMS and / or calls and has an active data connection.
  2. Make sure your old phone number is currently verified on your phone with WhatsApp. You can see which number is verified on WhatsApp by going to Whatsapp > Menu button > Settings go and tap your profile picture.

How to change the number on WhatsApp

There are eight small steps to consider:

  1. Insert the new SIM card into the smartphone
  2. Start the WhatsApp app
  3. Use the menu button (with the three dots one above the other) to go to the "Settings" menu
  4. Select the menu item "Account" and go to "Change number"
  5. Select the tick with "next" to confirm
  6. Enter the previous telephone number in the upper field
  7. Enter the new phone number in the field below and confirm with "done"
  8. Now only the new number has to be verified

The verification takes place as usual by sending an SMS to the phone via WhatsApp. Shortly afterwards, the messenger can be used normally with the new number. Then you can share messages, photos and videos with friends again as usual.


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