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Inline skates size charts - which shoe size do I need?

Inliner size charts: Which Inline shoe size is the right one ?

Before you new Buy inline skates based on Inliner size charts, you should first know exactly how big your own feet are so that the inline skates fit properly.

Your shoe size is only of limited use here, because with inliners everyone has their own "Feel-good size" Has.

In any case, the shoe industry announced that around 75% of men and 60% of women wear oversized shoes!

Your inline skates should fit exactly. Therefore, you should contact the Inliner size charts hold that are issued by the manufacturers. Here you can read off the perfect shoe size.

How often do you hear "better buy one size bigger" is not correct!

In normal shoes that you walk in, the foot needs more space because it rolls off.

The foot should move as little as possible in your inline skates.

The boots of yours inline skates should provide good support and transfer movements directly.

Therefore, inline skates should be very tight, despite socks, and sit well without pain.

When the foot is in contact with the padding all around, the inline skate sits perfectly on the foot. In order to determine the correct shoe size, it has proven useful to measure the length of the foot. See the pictures:

!!! IMPORTANT when buying inliners according to the inliner size tables !!!

Measure both feet. Differences in size between the right and left foot are not uncommon!

Now you have a first clue for one perfectly fitting inline skate. But this is still no guarantee for a perfectly fitting skate, as there are definitely differences in the height and width of the foot and the skate.

Even with the brands there is from model to model Size differences.

In the following table you will find the manufacturer's size specifications Powerslide, K2 and Rollerblade

Pull while inline skating the thinnest possible socks at. The same goes for measuring your feet! If the skates fit snugly you avoid movements in the shoe and thus prevent blistering.


Inline skates size charts - which shoe size do I need?
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