Wrye bash how to activate Auto Ghost

wrye-bash / wrye-bash

Revelant posts: WrinklyNinja felt this could be a possible bug here. Original post with steps to reproduce.

stickman1024's detailed steps to reproduce:

  1. I launched BOSS by clicking the shortcut on the toolbar of Wrye Bash
  2. In Bash ghosted plugins are sorted in alphabetically below active plugins.

    I repeated test case again, took more detailed notes, as in the forum post:

  3. Uninstalled BOSS and deleted directory C: \ BOSS
  4. Uninstalled LOOT
  5. Deleted% LOCALAPPDATA% \ Skyrim \ DLCList.txt, plugins.txt, loadorder.txt
  6. Downloaded and installed BOSS 2.3.0 from github
  7. Uninstalled all versions of Python, deleted directory C: \ Python27
  8. Uninstalled all previous versions of Wrye Bash via uninstaller
  9. Verified all / Mopy directory are deleted
  10. Verified BashSettings.dat, Converters.dat, Installers.dat, Table.dat are deleted
  11. Downloaded Wrye.Bash.305 .-. Installer.exe
  12. Installed Wrye Bash 305 standalone
  13. Plugins ghosted by previous Bash install are left as-is, all non-ghosted plugins are activated via Skyrim Launcher in Steam

Test (numbers are actions, sub-points are observations):

  1. Ran Wrye Bash 305:
    • auto-ghosting was disabled default on startup
    • active plugins sorted alphabetically (as sorted by Skyrim Launcher)
    • ghosted plugins sorted alphabetically below active plugins
    • when right click on BOSS shortcut in Bash, "BOSS disable lock load order" is checked, "Launch BOSS GUI" is unchecked.
  2. Lauched BOSS 2.3.0 from shortcut on Wrye Bash toolbar:
    • masterlist updated
    • BOSS completed sorting
    • BOSS log displayed in browser
    • loadorder.txt changed
  3. Refocused on Wrye Bash window
    • no change in Mods tab plugin order
    • plugins still display as the same order from 1b and 1c
    • did not reflect changes in loadorder.txt
  4. Quit Wrye Bash then ran Wrye Bash again immediately:
    • active (non-ghosted) plugins reflected order in loadorder.txt
    • ghosted plugins sorted alphabetically below active plugins - did not match loadorder.txt