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There are so-called clans in Dark Orbit. These are groups of several users who play together, do quests, etc. To found a clan, you have to count 300,000 credits once. Joining an Existing Clan costs 50,000 credits. A clan has a clan tag consisting of 1-4 letters. It is displayed in front of the username in the game so that it is clear who belongs to which clan. Clanless people do not have a "clan tag" in front of their username. In addition, a clan has its clan name.


Clan day: FEZ

Clan name: friendship - honor - solidarity

Everyone can design their clan tag and their clan name freely, provided it has not yet been used on the respective server.

If you have founded or joined a clan, there are different sides to joining the clan.

(The following is based on the assumption that you are head of the clan, if you are not, you may not have some of the rights listed here !!)

1. Information

Information is recorded about your clan.

You can see the clan tag, the clan name, the company to which the clan belongs, the ranking of the clan and, if you have given one, the Teamspeak address.

You can also see the changeable clan text and the clan news, which e.g. record who has left the clan, etc. Here you can add something if you have the right.

In addition, the clan logo of the Oh can be changed.

2. Members

The members are listed here, and the ranks of the individual clan members in the clan can also be changed. A more detailed list of the distributable ranks can be found below under the heading "Clan ranks".

3. Administration

On the Administration page, credit taxes for the clan can be set at 1% -5%, which means that at one percent for each clan member, 1% is deducted from their credits and added to the clan treasury. It happens once a day. Payments from this clan fund to clan members can also be made here.

4. Notifications

Here is the inbox. Clan members can write messages to each other. Your own land in your grate entrance under messages.

5. Diplomacy

The diplomatic relations of your clan to other clans can be viewed and changed here. There are alliances (BND) and non-shooting pacts (NAP). You can also declare war on other clans.

6. Company

This point actually no longer belongs to the clan, here you can change your company, i.e. Venus, earth or Mars. You lose 5,000 uridium and half of your honor, negative honor remains unchanged.

Extra: clan ranks

The following ranks can be assigned to clan members:

- Write a circular (notification to all members)

- View and process applications

- Dismiss members

- Edit clan ranks

- Diplomacy: View inquiries, start diplomatic relations

- Diplomacy: end alliances

- Diplomacy: declare war on other clans

- Make withdrawals from the clan bank

- Change tax rate (of the clan treasury)

- Write clan news

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