How to cook old-fashioned francs

Cooking and baking like grandma's

Live out nostalgic culinary memories of grandmother! Who doesn't like to think back to the time when you were still a child and sitting on grandma's lap listening to a fairy tale? You sat on the corner bench in the kitchen, the Herrgottswinkel was adorned with fresh flowers and the obligatory candle was burning. The whole kitchen smelled of the delicacies that she had cooked and baked and one waited impatiently for them to finally be eaten. Those were the days, because back then everything was a little different.

Food as you know it from back then at grandma's

Even in grandma’s time, every region of Austria cooked differently. But some foods are known across the country. This certainly includes the classic roast pork. Seasoned with caraway seeds and lots of garlic, with a good coleslaw and the right dumplings.
All kinds of potato dishes were typical of Grandma's kitchen. There was the potato pancakes with fresh salad or the burnt-on potatoes with crispy sausage. All types of were also popular Grandma's dumplings. And only then Pastries from grandma. That was always a highlight, especially when you were allowed to help with the preparation of the sweets. Licking in between was always allowed at Grandma's. The Gugelhupf and apple strudel or the delicious Buchteln were and are certainly popular with grandmothers, children and grandchildren.

Cooking and baking then and now

If you remember all these delicious foods, or even eat them sometimes today, you realize how much has changed since then. At that time, grandma was mostly at home and had enough time to spoil her family with homemade things. In today's fast-paced world, in which women are mostly employed, cooking is often neglected too much.
It starts with the fact that young people don't learn how to cook from grandma and mom as they did in the past. Those who do not like to cook voluntarily today, unfortunately, no longer have to, thanks to ready-made products and fast food. Fortunately, there are still many amateur cooks today who keep up old traditions. Above all, Grandma cooked cheaply because she had to pay attention to the household money. So it was obvious that meat was seldom on the table and that otherwise the food that was available was used as a guideline.

Fresh from the farmer or from the garden

If you lived in the country, meat, eggs and dairy products were often bought directly from the farmer around the corner. Perhaps one or the other can still remember how he accompanied grandma and proudly carried the milk can. The vegetables and fruit came either from the farm or directly from their own garden. City dwellers had the opportunity to get all of these goods at a farmers' market. Today it is no longer so easy to buy directly from the farmer and the classic farmers' markets are also not so often represented. Usually the supermarket around the corner is simply more practical, cheaper and the selection is huge. You can get every vegetable and fruit almost all year round.

Grandma's storage

So the way to the food is not far and almost everything can be procured quickly. This was exactly what was different in grandma’s time. There was still a functioning stock economy. The staple food was stored safely in the pantry, because it was not possible to go shopping every day.

A little nostalgia never hurts

Even today you can let the old conditions flow into your everyday life. A certain amount of stock economy saves time and money. You don't have to go shopping all the time and you save fuel and time. Visiting a real farmers' market every now and then brings new ideas and you can buy healthy and according to the season. You can also go back in time a little when preparing it. You don't always have to beat everything with the electric hand mixer. Often the good old whisk will do the same. Let yourself be inspired by the old kitchen appliances and dishes. These objects are not only practical for preparing food, but also set great accents in modern kitchens - and you train the arm muscles.

The best memories of grandma’s delicacies

Grandma made the strudel dough for her apple strudel herself. To do this, she usually placed a tablecloth on the table. Then put the dough on it and off we went. It was pulled in all directions until a newspaper could be read through the dough.

The yeast dough for the Buchteln or the Gugelhupf was also beaten by hand. With a mixing bowl between her knees, Grandma beat the dough with a wooden spoon until smooth.

The baking molds of that time were still made of sheet metal or ceramic, the dishes made of colored enamel. Molds still had to be well greased so that the baked goods didn't stick. A job that was made for children.

The good old kitchen scales from back then have not lost their charm to this day. Two brass bowls and a set of weights. These scales are always right and no battery can run down here either.

Grandma could make the most wonderful juices from fruits, herbs or elder flowers. Diluted with water, these were a sensation for the children. If you were older, you could try the homemade liqueur.

Also the Jams from grandma were a delicacy in themselves. First the fruit was harvested, then it was boiled down and filled into classic old glasses with rubber rings or metal clasps.

Once you got sick, Grandma knew exactly what was good for you. The fine chicken soup, which is still an insider tip today, the semolina or milk with honey often worked wonders.

They also had a lot of fun heating up the old stove, which still had to be fired with wood. When cooking it was wonderfully warm at the same time and you could cuddle with your dog or cat in front of the stove.

Sundays were legendary when the whole family met and grandma cooked for everyone. There were never too many guests for her. She was happy to pamper her family.
For snacks there was then the fresh Gugelhupf or apple strudel and coffee or cocoa. The coffee powder was often still ground by hand with the old wooden coffee grinder.

In this way everyone has their own personal memories of cooking and baking with grandma and you could continue them indefinitely. Keep these memories and try to enjoy a little nostalgia every now and then.