Onechanbara how to unlock clothes

Recycle old clothes sustainably - but how?

1. Bring directly to a social institution

Here you should inform yourself in advance whether and which clothing is required. For example, you can donate clothes to the blackboard, clothes closets, Oxfam shops or other social institutions. The best thing to do is to look up which ones on the Internet social institutions Collect clothes for those in need in your region.


2. Deliver in social department stores

There is a social department store in almost every city. Everyone can do this regardless of income cheap shopping. There is not only clothing here, but also furniture, housewares, tools, etc. - so here you can bring everything that you no longer have use for. At some social department stores you have to make an appointment. Here, too, it is worth calling in advance to see if something can be brought over.


3. Repair clothes

An aspect that is unfortunately hardly taken into account these days. You can also do broken clothes repair and that is often cheaper than expected. So the next time your favorite jeans are broken, just ask your local one Tailor what a repair would cost.


4. Sell clothes online

There are now numerous apps that you can use to sell your worn clothing and give them one second Life can give. The principle is the same as if you give your goods to a second-hand shop, only that you have to take care of the sale yourself. Well-known apps are for example Vinted (formerly Kleiderkreisel), Zalando Zircle, Sellpy from H&M, Momox (formerly Ubup) and so on. At Zalando you can either sell your clothes yourself or have them rated by experts. They will then take over the sale for you and you will receive a credit for your next online shopping.


3. Pass on personally to acquaintances

Selling clothes on the aforementioned portals is of course only possible with clothes with little signs of wear and tear and involves a lot of effort. Unfortunately, there are no flea markets at the moment, but maybe someone from your family or circle of friends has them interest on your clothes? Just ask around!


6. Exchange clothes for a voucher

You can now also get your old clothes from large ones Fashion chains, such as H&M, and receive a shopping voucher for it. But here, too, it's the same process - your old clothes are recycled in the same way as described above for the containers.