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Everything about crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzle are not only a popular pastime, but also intensive training for the brain.
Because when puzzling, the mind encounters challenges that need to be overcome, the spectrum of knowledge expands and new trains of thought arise.
In addition, daily crossword puzzles strengthen the memory, enlarge the vocabulary and encourage simple thinking.
As a result, it can thus be effective Alzheimer can be prevented in old age as long as the puzzling remains regular.
Everything there is to know about the topic of crossword puzzles will now be the topic.


Crossword puzzles are basically puzzles in which letters are to be entered into small, cracked boxes.
These boxes are divided into lines and can therefore run horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
The idea behind the puzzle is that answers to the task should be entered in the lines in the form of words.
After all the answers have been entered, individual letters together form a special, sought-after word.


Simple crossword puzzle

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The classic crossword puzzle, also called that German crossword puzzle known, includes a list of numbered questions placed next to the boxes.
Within the puzzle, the corresponding numbers are then built into the first boxes for the respective words.
As an alternative, the numbers are on so-called blind boxes printed and indicate the respective word with an arrow.
The words can be entered on different levels.
Blind boxes are usually not used and it is possible to separate words within a line with hyphens.
Commonly such crossword puzzles are in newspapers like the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) to be found.

Sweden puzzle

In contrast to the German crossword puzzle, the Swedish puzzle contains the question in a blind box which, with the help of an arrow, points to the term to be solved.
Due to the lack of space in the blind boxes, the questions are kept short.
Isolated, circled letters give the answer.
In addition, colored boxes are marked for the solution in the puzzle.

This is a variation of this type

Shake Sweden puzzle

Instead of questions, individual letters were used for the terms searched for.
The combined letters then result in the correct words.

American crossword

This type is a crossword puzzle with no blind boxes and only horizontal lines.
However, the sum of the blind boxes is sometimes mentioned anyway.
Therefore, both the solution words and the placement of the blind boxes have to be found out.

In the case of the deviating model, the words are also placed in the wrong order and must be placed correctly again.

Cross lattice

With this model there are no digits in the fields, it has to be figured out independently which word has to be written where.
But help is sometimes offered through existing letters.

Syllable puzzles

The individual boxes contain syllables of the words, which are structured by the well-known rules for separation.

Number puzzle

Numbers from 1 to 26 are entered in all boxes for this puzzle. The goal is to decipher which number corresponds to which letter.
As a rule, there is already a starting term for the beginning.
The right words can be formed through the clever composition of the letters.

This is an extension of this puzzle Janus puzzle, in which there are two puzzle areas and on the second area the words are written in reverse spelling as from bottom to top or from left to right.

Custom crossword puzzles

The number of letters and the alphabetical order of the solution words are already given here. Blind boxes are sometimes entered in advance.
The task is then to enter these words in the empty lines so that a completed crossword puzzle results.

Contents of the puzzles

A large vocabulary is a crossword puzzle help

Usually synonyms are searched for or knowledge content is selected Biology, geography, politics, history, or puns queried.
However, many puzzles are also offered that contain more difficult questions and topics and require a stronger cognitive ability.
In news magazines like that Stern, Zeit and Hörzu are the most famous of the complex crossword puzzles.

Tips for solving

It can happen that a certain line cannot be filled in while puzzling because there is simply no idea how to solve it.

It is then important to perceive obstacles as exciting challenges and not to be discouraged or even to break off the puzzle. The fun must not be lost.

A basic one
Crossword puzzle help is that
Prepare for the puzzle. It is important to think about the topic behind the puzzle.
For example, mysteries require figurative thinking and in foreign languages ​​puzzles are used for the sake of understanding, while logic is required for scientific questions.
Joking questions go even beyond logic, in that
it must be understood how a variety of problems can be solved by one thing or person. Empathy and the ability to empathize with others are also required in this category.

In the first step, the crossword puzzle should be read through carefully and solutions written down in a direction that the player immediately knows.

This makes the second step, the uncovering of the heavier solution, easier thanks to the boxes that have already been filled out. If you are unsure, it makes sense to first work with a pencil and then later write the words in bold as soon as the uncertainty is gone.

Here are some general tips for solving crossword puzzles.

Further procedures

Further solutions can be found using the elimination process.

If it is still difficult to solve it, it is helpful to take a break in order to be able to provide the brain with more energy and concentration again.

It often makes it easier to write down the endings for the words in pencil.
Usually this is the - (e) n for verbs or words that are in the plural. The ending -s- is also often used in the plural.
Some subjects, on the other hand, have the endings-ending, -keit, -heit and so on.

But sometimes the crossword puzzle help reaches its limits.
So if the solution could not be found despite all the advice that was followed, it is not a shame to ask friends or acquaintances or to turn to an encyclopedia or online portals for solutions.
After all, there is no need to dwell on a solution word.

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