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"When the mountain calls ..."

... then we come. It got us into that Aletsch Arena devious where one or the other adventure awaits us in lofty heights. I don't know now if anyone who gets such absurd thoughts at “Arena” and thinks of bullfights or the like. The idea actually came to me originally. Maybe it's because I spent too much time in Spain last year. Although I will never get enough of Spain, I can reassure you right away: I can do without the bloody tradition 😉

In any case, the Aletsch Arena is a wonderful holiday region in the Switzerland. Regardless of whether Riederalp, Bettmeralp or Fiesch-Eggishorn The air here is crystal clear and there is the most beautiful view of the four-thousand-meter peaks in the canton of Valais. In winter, snow is guaranteed here, which is why the region is of course very popular with snow sports enthusiasts.

The most liberating nature experience in the Alps can also be enjoyed in the summer experience, that's why we went to the car-free in August Bettmeralp below the Aletsch Glacier to guest. From the first second we were fascinated by this imposing backdrop at a gripping height and the wonderfully fresh air that welcomed us. From the valley station in Betten, you can take the cable car (barrier-free) to the authentic village at an altitude of 2,000 meters in just a few minutes.

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Aletsch + hiking pass

If you are on holiday here and want to have free travel on all Aletsch lifts, I recommend the Aletsch + hiking pass combined mountain railway and train ticket, which is available for 1 to 28 days. The continuous infrastructure of the region also makes it possible for people with disabilities to discover this area with all its beautiful facets. Apart from the fact that I find it difficult to make progress in the valley without my E-fix drive, the additional drive is really worth gold in the Alps. There are some hilly roads, so it can be an advantage to take strong muscles in your upper arms or “motivated pushers” with you when traveling with a manual wheelchair or stroller. During the summer months there is also the "Aletsch Express" to disposal. Line 1 - a small electric vehicle - connects the holiday resorts of Riederalp and Bettmeralp and is also suitable for wheelchair users thanks to the mobile ramp.

The Aletsch Arena stands for one unique natural landscapewhich, in addition to its natural phenomenon, the Aletsch Glacier, offers plenty of space for a variety of sports experiences. Hiking, biking, golfing, paragliding and climbing are just a few of them. The mountains are considered a place of strength for the soul, the ultimate challenge for adventurers and a place of longing for hikers, romantics or nature lovers. I definitely belong to the last two categories, although this time I even did a little sport, but we'll come to that in my next post. First some information about the Bettmeralpthat we were allowed to call our home for the first few days.


Can be found in hotels or holiday apartments on Bettmeralp, all of which can be found in enchanting Valais wooden chalets. our accommodation Hotel La Cabane **** is also a charming wooden house, which welcomes its guests in a stylish and cozy ambience.

About a dozen Rooms & Suites were all named after huts from the Swiss Alpine Club. We stayed in the very spacious “Britannia”, which has a large double bed, a sitting area, a south-facing balcony and a bathroom with a bathtub. Super cozy and clean, a nice place to relax. For pedestrians I recommend it without reservation, for wheelchair users conditionally. I myself could take a shower with a stool in the bathtub, but mostly switched to the walk-in shower in the sauna area. We always had the huge barrier-free wet area to ourselves, so this was not a problem for us at all. Nevertheless, it would of course be more practical if one had a barrier-free bathroom in the room.

The Hotel la Cabane, like almost all the houses up there, is located directly on a hill and can be accessed from different levels. Thanks to the glass elevator, you can easily get to each floor even with a wheelchair. The most beautiful trip in the morning was to the rich and delicious breakfast buffet. All products come from regional cultivation and are carefully selected with a lot of love. There is fruit, Bircher muesli, a varied selection of sausages and cheeses, vegetables and lots of freshly baked goods.

7-minute egg for breakfast

The perfect breakfast egg shouldn't be missing either, it's just that cooking times are such a thing. Wax-soft inside, many like that. But the egg white shouldn't slobber either - at least that's my dream about the consistency 😀 So that nothing goes wrong, you can boil your egg at the “egg-boiling station” at La Cabane as “waxy, medium or hard” as you like. However, you have to note that the cooking time in the mountains is actually a little longer than usual. You have to count on it for at least 2 minutes.

As you can see, this is us breakfast Remained in particularly good memories and always ensures a good start to the day in the guest house. You can easily reach the cable car, chairlift and gondola from here on foot or on rollers. The Mattig-Minnig family and their employees were extremely hospitable and tried to improve our stay. With their small electric car, they also like to drive your luggage to the cable car. The accommodation is definitely a place where you can feel at home.


You will find it in the middle of town and right around the corner from the Hotel La Cabane Hotel & Restaurant Alpfrieden. Here you can feast the whole day, no matter whether at lunchtime, in between meals or in the evening. Either in the cozy restaurant or on the beautiful sun terrace with an enchanting view of the mountains. At dinner on the terrace, we enjoyed fried potato soup, salad and pasta with ragout. You can reach the restaurant barrier-free, but via a small, relatively steep street. The wheelchair-accessible toilet on the 1st floor can be reached via elevator. The service is very professional, friendly, but also personal - many thanks to the lovely Sandra, who, in addition to the food, also offered us excellent and warm service.

Enjoy the view

From Bettmeralp it goes with the barrier-free Gondola lift on the Bettmerhorn. Access to the gondola is easy, even for wheelchair users thanks to the fold-up seats and mobile ramp.

A well-designed wooden walkway takes you to a viewing platform at an altitude of 2647 meters, which gives you a sensational view of a large part of the Aletsch Glacier bestows. If you want to find out more about the ice giant, you have the option of multimedia on the Bettmerhorn Exhibition “Erlebnis Eiswelt Bettmerhorn” to visit, very vivid and playful you get a lot of information about the (still) 23 km long ice stream, which unfortunately also does not stop at climate change. Due to global warming, the Aletsch Glacier is severely affected by the melting. But with its current size and the gigantic water reservoir, one could currently still supply every earth citizen with a liter of water a day for 4.5 years, only as an approximate order of magnitude. You will not be able to escape the fascination of this giant during a visit.

The exhibition is free of charge and is suitable for young and old as an exciting journey of discovery into the secrets of the eternal ice! Incidentally, the attraction of the UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch is located on two floors and is equipped with a wheelchair stair lift. You can get the key in the restaurant or from the service of the gondola lift. Culinary delights are also available on the Bettmerhorn. Some Valais specialties are offered in the panorama restaurant. The cholera, a kind of vegetable cake made from leek, potatoes, cheese and apples is really recommended!

A little tip: leave your worries on the mountain!

Whatever moves you, worries you or makes you grateful, write it on a lucky stone and deposit it on one of the viewpoints. Take the opportunity and return home carefree. You can get the lucky stones at the mountain railways, in information centers and even in some hotels or even better: you just look for your own in nature.


You can walk over 300 km in the Aletsch Arena Hiking trails very wonderful. Some of the hiking trails have even been laid out so that they can also be done with a wheelchair. We got on the walk around the Bettmersee opened, of course with a short pit stop at the idyllic location S'Bootshüsi. In summer, cool drinks, snacks and ice cream are served on the lake terrace. Pedal boats and stand-up paddles can be borrowed.
The way to the lake brings with it a few steeper ascents, which I managed really well thanks to the electric drive. The path around the lake is then no longer hilly, the ground is no longer asphalted, but firm enough to whiz along with wheelchairs.

A slightly longer walk leads over the Aletsch promenade to Riederalp. The route measures about 3 km and has us at very charming huts up to the gondola station Moosfluh brought. A purple gondola took us safely and comfortably to another wonderful vantage point at 2333 meters. The glacier seems close enough to touch again up here, but the view of the valley during the journey is also impressive.

We enjoyed the walk back just as much, and if necessary, you can easily come back with the "Aletsch Express" back to the village.

Mountains or sea?

I used to be able to answer the question "Mountains or sea?" do not understand at all. If I had to choose, I would always have chosen salt water. After every visit to the mountains I find it harder to answer. But why do you have to make a decision if you are fascinated by both. I love holidays by the sea, but I am also a big fan of the mountains, especially in summer when they beckon with their blooming valleys and breathtaking panoramas. Here you get an active holiday and relax your soul at the same time. Regardless of whether it is a large group or intimate togetherness - everyone will find their own magical place here.

So if you are looking for a car-free break in the middle of charming mountain huts, with delicious food & authentic people, lots of animals & hearty traditions, you should definitely visit the Bettmeralp in the Aletsch Arena get lost, just to recharge your batteries!

From Bettmeralp it went back down into the valley to Fiesch, but still "Aim high". Let yourself be surprised!

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