Who makes the best corn flakes

Some only cook by feeling, but most of them cook according to a recipe. The Lidl discounter has a real highlight in its range for amateur cooks. Try it!

  • Recipes * can be very complicated.
  • A good recipe is clear and easy to follow.
  • Both of these apply to this recipe from discount supermarket Lidl.

Do you also like the hobby cooks who like to dare to take on new challenges? A multi-course menu, for example, dishes from distant countries or with unusual methods of preparation? A good recipe, preferably clearly illustrated, is worth its weight in gold for you, because that way you always know what to do and how.

Recipe suggestion makes the network laugh

There is also a section with recipes on the homepage of the discounter Lidl, including delicious-sounding ones such as pork tenderloin with raisin relish, or noodle cauliflower casserole with minced sauce. What a user of the "jodel" platform discovered when he searched the Internet for the word "cornflakes" - why is not known - is, however anything but sophisticated:

There is actually one on the recipe page Recipe for "Cornflakes with Milk"What the user also comments with a sarcastic "Thank you Lidl, I can finally make cornflakes with milk". The answers are no less snappy:

"Looks too complicated to me, I'm going to starve!"
"First the milk or the cornflakes?"
"So I don't want to try the Lidl recipe ... zero recessions ... it's too risky for me"

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How to properly prepare cornflakes with milk

This recipe is not a fake either. The recipe actually exists and it is as follows.

For 4 servings (who makes so many servings of corn flakes at once?):

  • 400 g corn flakes
  • 800 ml milk *
"Mix cornflakes with milk in bowls and serve. Bon appetit!"

The site gives one for that Cooking time of five minutes on (so long?) and the Difficulty level "easy" (yes, if not very easy). Not everyone is a master chef and some recipes that seem natural to some are real news for others, for example this best tomato sauce in the world made from three ingredients *.

But why on earth is this "recipe" even on the website under the heading "Muesli"? Who knows, maybe just for the sake of completeness. But maybe someone really thinks when looking at this culinary highlight: "Why didn't I think of it myself long ago ?!"

After all, you could still use this recipe complemented by the evergreens: boiling water, butter on bread and cocoa powder in milk.

My pleasure...

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