Tie the straps to loosen the screw

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Hole marking position for cylindercam lockfixinGscrew
Punch positionokn for Fastening screw of the Zylinthe-Lever lock
The electronic locking device that is fitted withacam lockfits the customary standard punched hole and must only be fastened by an additionalscrew.
D.he With Locking lever outheüstete electronic lock fits the usual standard perforation and only comes with oner additionallyzlichen screw fixiert.
Cam lockand locking bolt are permanently fixed together, but are inserted into lock body and fixed by grubscrew.
cylinder U.Nd DreMrThe bolts are firmly connected to each other, they are inserted into the lock body und mit einer grub screw fixiert.
Once the desired setting has been reached, lock in
[...] place by tightening tHelocking cam screw.
As soon as the desired setting is achieved, it can go through
[...] Put onn the locking screw totalicbe hert.
[...] crown is of tHescrew-locktype, loosen the [...]
screw by turning the crown to the left before operating the
crown, and after having returned the crown to the normal position following operation, turn the crown to the right while pushing it in to securely retighten it.
If the crown is designed as a screw lock type,
[...] to solve S.ie dhe screw yourch Drehen the [...]
Crown to the left before operating the crown,
operate the crown, return it to its normal position and then turn the crown to the right by pushing it in to secure it again.
[...] lever of tHecam lockOn the temporary [...]
tension holder, and loosen and remove the cable tensioner (see step 10, page 13).
D.en CamLock-Hebel am tetemporary tension holder [...]
Pull back and loosen and remove the cable tensioner (see step 10, page 13).
Undo the grubscrewand adjust the stOpcam(D.) by rotating it.
Gewindestift to solve and the setting eccentric (D) by twisting [...]
Move control valve to the desired switching position, turn adjustmentscrewuntil the operatinGcamcOntacts the roller and reverses the microswitch.
Move the control valve to the desired switching position and turn the adjusting screw until the switch cam reaches the roller and switches the microswitch.
Mechanical furniture lock systems -
[...] Prestige 2000 Cylindercam lock
Mechanical furniture locking systems -
[...] Prestige 2000 cylinderr-cam lock
The optical compartment has a dynamic and essential design
and it can be tilted to the desired position using the friction joint that
[...] can also be fixed in place with tHescrew lock.
The optical unit with its dynamic and essential
Thanks to the coupling joint, design can
[...] the Auch with eggner screw fixiert whoden can, [...]
can be adjusted at will.
To attach the fixation jacket straps, rivet (from inside
[...] to outside) the sixcam lockbuckles to the outside [...]
For fastening the fixation vest straps
[...] mustn the sehs folding bucklesetc.chst at the [...]
Outside of the back base with rivets
riveted from the inside out.
Completely release the wheel brake by turning
[...] the adjustinGscrewOn the slack adjuster untilcamand brake shoes [...]
Completely release the wheel brake using the adjusting screw on the
[...] slack adjuster verdrehen bis cam U.Nd Bremsbake stand in the end position.
Units without optical indication (N / L models) a) Loosen tHelock screwOf the switch contact. b) Shift the switch contact until the arrow on the switch contact is in coincidence with the desired flow rate value on the range. c) Tighten tHelock screwOf the switch contact.
For devices without visual display (N / L versions) a) Loosen the locking screw of the switching contact. b) Move the switching contact until the arrow on the switching contact is aligned with the desired flow rate on the scale. c) The locking screw dit Switching contact wiattract everyone
Turn the adjustmentscrew(3.1) until tHecamOf tHecamdisc (4.2) reaches [...]
the roller (6.1, Fig. 2) and the switch changes over.
Adjusting screw (3.1) turn, bis the switchgearge the Cam (4.2) the role [...]
(6.1, Fig. 2) reached and the switch toggles.
ARCOS® System (Fixateur) - Overview of the Implants (Connector - elongated hole - high - with clamp screw - Connector - elongated hole - flat - with clamp screw - Connector - single hole - high - with clamp screw - Connector - sacral - with clamp screw - Pedicle screw with nut - Sacral screw - Laminar hook - straight - with
clamp screw - Laminar hook - 15 ° - open
[...] - with clampscrewand tensioninGcam-Connecting [...]
rod - transversal stabilizer).
ARCOS® system (fixator) - overview of the implants (connector - elongated hole - high - with clamping screw - connector - elongated hole - flat - with clamping screw - connector - single hole - high - with clamping screw - connector - sacral - with clamping screw - pedicle screw with nut - sacral screw - Laminahook - straight
with clamping screw - lamina hook - 15 ° - open -
[...] with Klemmschrob u. Clamping cam - Vheiressyoungsstab - [...]
Turn contrOlcamuntil the firstscrew1in rotation direction sits [...]
on the flat spot of the shaft.
S.expensiveshortve twist, bis die heste screw 1 in DrEhrichtion on [...]
the surface of the shaft sits.
screw clamping cone (pre-assembled
[...] with seal, protective sleeve andlock screw)On to the drawbar shaft at maximum [...]
to the setting dimension;
do not continue to turn since otherwise the o-ring on the drawbar shaft will be damaged!
Clamping cone, pre-assembled with seal,
[...] Schutzring and Counter screw, on Zinftascrews and up max times for [...] [...]
do not turn any further, otherwise the O-ring on the pull rod will be damaged!
The length of the wood is
[...] adjusted by loosening tHelock screwand moving the logstop [...]
(62/8) to the desired length position.
[...] through Lockern der screw plug und Verspush [...]
of the stop (62/8) set to the required length.
The length of the log is adjusted by loosening tHelock screw(60/4), which keeps the hydraulic valve in place, and moving the entire valve unit including the log-stop to the desired length position.
Tuesdaye Wood length wird by loosening der Screw plugs (60/4), which hold the hydraulic valve in place, and by moving the entire valve package with the stop to the desired wood size.
To avoid damage to high-precision made accelerator pump when
[...] [...] complete needle jet, i.e. with pumplock screwstill in its position; for reassembly [...]
fit complete needle jet as well.
In order to avoid damage to the precisely manufactured accelerator pump when removing it,
[...] [...] complete, d. H. with the pump stop screw still screwed inube to demon [...]
and also to be completely reinstalled.
[...] with our exclusiveCam lockdrag/ brake system [...]
This model is equipped with
[...] ourem exclusiven CamLock Brems-/ Vretardation system [...]
to control the unwinding speed.
Screw locknut (3.2) onto the plug stem until the end [...]
of the thread, place washer (3.3) on top.
Lock nut (3.2) to the end of the thread
[...] on die Kegelstnece screws, Schyew (3.3) ouchclean.
The webbing straps on both
[...] sides of tHescrew-locklink should be [...]
Fastened with rubber rings, retention bands, or shrinkage tubing.
The webbing should be on both
[...] Pages dit screw shackle mit Rubber rings, [...]
Fixing tape or a shrink tube can be fixed.
Cylindercam lock/cyleftThe push lock Prestige 2000 for [...]
Cylinthe-Lever lock/ Cylinder-Push lock P.remaining [...]
2000 for exchangeable inner cylinders
Adjustment range: 15 ° to 35 ° a. Pry the cam
(11) out of the cam disc (12) to obtain a larger adjustment range.
[...] b. Loosen tHescrew(15) in tHecam(11) enough that you can turn the cam (11). c. Adjust the switch point 2 (switch off) by turning tHecam(11). d. Tighten the secondscrew(15) so that tHecam
Setting range: 15 ° to 35 ° a. Break
[...] [...] cam disc (11) den cam (12) to get a wider adjustment range. b. Losen you die screw (15) in the cam disc (11) so far that you can turn the cam disk (11). [...]
c. Put Sie the Schaltpunkt 2 (switch-offen) a
Before seating the child in the
[...] puschair, release the fourcam lockbuckles on the back plate.
[...] of the kindes the vihe Folding buckles ouchf dhe rückenpladdsolve e.
Next, thread the straps into the lowercam lockbuckles of the pad all the way to the stop rivets and close the buckles.
Now thread the straps into the lower clip buckles of the vest up to the stop (rivet) and press the clip buckle cover on.
Slack off the fixinGscrewOn the corresponding switcHinGcam(F.ig. 8), move tHecamtOwards the limit switch until it clicks, and re-tighten the fixing screw.
Loosen the locking screw of the corresponding switching cam (Fig. 8), move the switching cam in the direction of the limit switch until it audibly clicks and retighten the locking screw.
u Some models may haveascrew-lockmechanism that can securely lock the crown by a screw when they are not being operated. u Locking the crown will help to prevent operational errors and enhance the water resistant quality of the watch. u It is necessary to unlock tHescrew-lock-type crown before [...]
u Some models have
[...] above eggnen screw mechanism to dTo secure the crown when the watch is not in use. u By screwing the crown in, operating errors can be avoided and the water resistance der Clock verbessert u A screw-down crown must be vor the use solvedst become.