How to fix rm ga011 sony remote control

Repairing the remote control: this is how it works

It's annoying when the TV remote control stops working. We explain how you can repair your remote control and what could have damaged your everyday companion.

Is the remote control really broken?

First of all, you should determine whether your remote control is really broken. Often other factors play a role if the remote control no longer reacts or only reacts poorly.

  • It can also simply be that the batteries in your remote control are dead. Remove the batteries and test them with a battery tester. Replace the batteries if necessary.
  • Test whether the remote control works again by holding the infrared sensor on the upper edge of the remote control directly and close to the reception sensor of the TV set. If the remote control works, the batteries are just running out of juice.
  • Switch the camera of your smartphone to "recording" and hold the remote control with the sensor in front of the lens. If the remote control still works, the cell phone's image recording chip shows the infrared rays from the remote control by means of a flickering blue light on the display.
  • Older remote controls in particular no longer work properly if they are damaged by dirt, dust and grime. If your remote control has not yet given any sign of life, then it must be opened.
  • If the walkthrough below doesn't help either, then you should definitely buy a universal remote. If this doesn't work either, then something is wrong with the infrared receiver of the television.

Repair remote control: Here's how

  1. To repair the remote control, you must first open it. To do this, press the housing shell apart on the side with a thin knife or loosen the small screws in the battery compartment.
  2. Then check the inside of the remote control and electronics for contamination.
  3. Most of the time, the contacts or the conductive rubber mat are slightly dirty.
  4. You now need some sparkling vinegar or fit water to clean the remote control.
  5. Moisten a cloth, preferably made of gentle microfibers, with a tiny amount of the liquid. Never pour the vinegar or water directly onto the contacts or the rubber mat!
  6. Then dab the rubber mat, the contact points and the electronics with little pressure.
  7. Finally, let the remote control lie open and dry before you put it back together.

In another practical tip, we explain what you can do if your Samsung TV no longer responds to the remote control.