Generations of sound, how long it takes to beat death

How long does it take to hit the return?

Whether you are playing roguelite games or caught in a seemingly endless loop of death and resuscitation, the concept of "time" becomes a little more flexible out of necessity. In a normal game without a loop, there is more of a definitive beginning and a definitive end to the journey. But in a story that has a dozen beginnings and ends, it's a slightly more complicated question. So, by your best guess, how long does it take to hit return?

As a roguelite game return Throws you back to the beginning of the game every time you are killed. This means that an actual completion of the story can only be done in a single run. While a full run of the game would likely only take a few hours, you almost certainly won't get it on the first try. When the question of playing time comes up, you have to take into account the assumption that you will die and restart at least a few times.

How long does it take to hit the return?

To get an educated estimate of how long the main story will last, you need to consider the number of levels, the process of collecting upgrades, and the time you spend on minutiae in a single run. According to testimonials from gamers, you're likely looking at 10 to 30 hours of gameplay to clear the story, get enough upgrades to hold your own and build enough personal skills and familiarity with the game's six different biomes. As I said before, of course, this depends a lot on your own skill at the game, not to mention a touch of luck.

Even after you've finished the story, there are still a lot of different things to fill out, such as: B. collect every possible weapon, kill every possible enemy and so on. If you are a completer, expect return To keep you occupied for a good long time