What is a cash prelist

Cash list

Cash list:


A cashlist is the preliminary stage of a blacklist.

In advance:

Definition of a blacklist to understand the term cashlist: translated means: "Blacklist", this is determined by the hotel management, with the names of the guests who are no longer wanted in the house, for example because they are by some kind and Way have been noticed unpleasantly.

If a company or an individual guest is on a cashlist, he / she has to make a deposit, i.e. an advance payment, before he / she makes a reservation in the hotel. A cashlist “warns” the hotel, so to speak, of a guest or a company. Examples of why a hotel puts an individual guest or a company on the cashlist would be:

1. I have to wait a long time for a company to get my money

2. When I, as a hotelier, know that a company is in bankruptcy

3. a guest has not paid his invoice or has only partially paid it