Chewing gum blows celebrities who have died

Afraid of heights, spiders, or darkness? Many know from personal experience that there are far more unusual fears. Some stars also have extremely bizarre phobias and speak openly about them.

Nicole Kidman is afraid of a really harmless animal. Her butterfly phobia dates back to her childhood. The actress revealed in an interview with "Contact Music". Accordingly, she often climbed over fences or crawled across the ground - just to escape the animals.

Orlando Bloom also has an extraordinary phobia: He is terrified of a certain animal species - namely pink piggies. While filming “Kingdom of Heaven”, the entire team witnessed his phobia. When a pig ran away, the Hollywood star is said to have screamed and "ran away like crazy" be.

Revolving doors and chewing gum scare some celebrities

For example, Matthew McConaughey can be intimidated with revolving doors."I get scared if I'm just around her", the Oscar winner confessed to “E! On-line".

All employees of US talk show host Oprah Winfrey must adhere to a chewing gum prohibition rule. The reason? Oprah is afraid of the sticky mass.

It's her grandmother's fault: “In Mississippi, my grandmother used to chew gum and stick it in the closet. There were rows and rows of juicy fruit and spearmint. I was afraid of it ", she explained to "O Magazin". That really sounds like a pretty gross trauma.

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