What does an underlined plus sign mean

Android circle with plus symbol in status bar: What does that mean?

What is the meaning of the symbol of a circle with a plus in the status bar on Android? When exactly is the circle with the plus sign displayed in the status bar and what is the function behind it? This could perhaps be the question of one or the other owner of an Android smartphone such as a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S7. We have briefly described here what the symbol is all about and what function is usually behind it.

Android status bar: What does the symbol of the circle with a plus sign mean?

If you get a circle with a plus sign in the top right corner of the status bar under Android, then this is usually a sign that the "data saving" function is deactivated in the settings. “Data saving” can be used to reduce the amount of data you use, as the function prevents some apps from sending or receiving data in the background. In addition, you can specify certain apps that are not affected by data saving and that also have unlimited access to data usage in the background.

You can find the setting for "data saving" on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone as follows.

  1. Unlock your smartphone and open the "Settings".
  2. Select “Connections” and “Data usage” in the “Settings”.
  3. Under “Data usage” you can activate or deactivate “Data saving” under “Use”.

If you activate data saving on your Android smartphone, the symbol of the circle with the plus should also be displayed in the status bar, as a sign that the feature is currently active. If you deactivate the function in the settings as described above, the symbol should be hidden and no longer displayed.

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