Family man, as did colored pencils


today it's about how you can easily color with crayons. (: I do it myself, even if I want to switch to Copic painter in the distance.

Oh well. It is actually not typical that you do that, but sometimes it just looks better (my personal opinion ^^) Furthermore, there are several ways to color manga:

  • Photoshop
  • Copic painter
  • Colored pencil
  • Felt pen
  • Watercolor pencils
  • Water paint (which you always use in school: D)

So now today it’s first about colored pencils (: Since I just think that it is the easiest and then it’s also good for beginners to practice. But there are a few things that have to be considered!

1. Contours

After drawing with ink, ink or something else so that the work is not blurred by accident.

2. Always nice and pointed

You should always have the colored pencil sharpened so that you can get into all corners.

3. shading

You should start with the lightest color first and then get darker, as dark colors cover better.

4. Eraser

It is best to use a soft eraser pen. They hardly smear and

are also good for reaching small corners.


After we have dealt with that, we get down to business (: So when you have the most important thing you need 😮! ...


There are so many different prices, strengths, manufacturers like a dime a dozen (if not more 😛) I find it difficult to keep track of things myself. But I don't need the most expensive ones.! CARSELN VERLAG offers a pack of 12 for 2 euros and a pack of 24 for less than five euros. And I find the rich! They're not too hard, but not too soft either, and are just great for beginners.


But now we go to the canned 😀!

Of course you can now take the pencils and color in the areas (: Sure! But I've also had the experience that sometimes it doesn't look the way you have it in your head and yet sometimes it seems more difficult than expected. Especially when you color I want to show you a drawing of me (:



And then you can see that they don't exactly have a WOW effect: D (I also still practice a lot.)


At the beginning I did it by printing out drawings and trying to color them. The good thing is that you can't blur outlines either (: Here are a few pictures to practice: