How to stop palm sweating std

What can you do against the "sweaty hand" on the mouse?

I always put a 40 * 40cm cotton pillow on my DualOptical absolutely no sweat to be seen

No seriously ... I think you shouldn't just leave your hand on the mouse for 8 hours at a time, but just loosen your wrist every now and then, wiggle it around a bit (if it's bad, otherwise your neighbor thinks you're waving to him), Drag the soaking wet palms across the screen and then wonder why everything is so difficult to read ... oh, I can tell you stories again

Well ... actually there is no cure for this phenomenon, except for "switching off" every now and then or simply reducing the temperature in the room from 35 ° C to the usual 21 ° C

By the way, I'm also curious about your tips ...