How to make battlefield 4 emblems ps3

When I buy Ps3 games in the shop & comma; can i play on the ps4 & quest;

I have a Ps3 and an Acc with 10 Euro. I wanted to ask if I can play the games that I buy on the ps3 on the ps4. No, that doesn't work. Ps3 games only run on the Ps3 and Ps4 games only run on the Ps4. There are a few exceptions

I have too bad an internet connection & comma; to play online on the Ps4 & period; Is there a device & comma; that you can connect to the Ps4 for a better internet & quest;

Ps4 Internet connection A device that you can plug into the PS4 so that the Internet is better does not exist. What are you using WLAN or LAN? With WLAN there can be fluctuations, so I would always recommend LAN for gaming

How can you do with the Samsung S5 & comma; that you no longer have to swipe across the screen & comma; to take a screenshot & quest;

Friends of mine can only press and hold the home button or press the power button and volume button at the same time .... This is done with the home button and the on / off button, you can do both

Hey guys and now i don't have the best internet speed & comma; so i wanted to ask you & comma; how can I speed up downlods on the ps4 & quest;

Use lan cable. Have a look at YouTube, there are videos of how you scrape the last bit out of your line

Where can I find uplay on the ps4

moin wanted to get me the beta from the crew but can't find Uplay. not in the store as an app and not in games as described. I've looked everywhere .. I'm desperate. can someone help me? PS4 1. You can find Uplay right in the main menu of your Sp

What is an AdBlocker and how can I deactivate it & quest;

Hello everyone, what is an AdBlocker and how can I deactivate it? When I want to watch a video I often get "You are using an ad-financed offer. An AdBlocker is installed in your browser that blocks ads. Please deactivate

Why does a girl tell a boy & comma; that she has her days & quest;

So I sit in class and explain something to someone. And while I'm talking to a girl. She then says that she has her days and just says things about it. And when we left class she stopped and then someone else

Windows 10 reset & comma; keep your own files or delete everything on Windows & quest;

Good evening Community, I have had a problem with my laptop for a few days, because after I downloaded an update for a game it crashed about 1-2 hours after the download and a black screen appeared on the "data carrier."

Write your own songs & comma; first music or first text

Hello, I plan to do some music. Since I can't play an instrument, but I still thought about writing songs, I wonder if it is still possible. What is best to do first, the lyrics and then the music

If you download something about Chromium on your phone & comma; how can you download this file from the PC & lpar; also chrome & rpar; & quest;

i would like to download something i found on the internet on my cell phone, but i cannot find the page on my pc. Is there a way how you can start the file on the cell phone and then run it on the PC? K

Coccyx hurts & comma; when I jump on my butt on the trampoline & comma; the others don't feel it & quest;

In sport we have the topic of trampolines and they have a very hard net. The net is not like the usual trampolines that you have at home, but a bit different. Anyway, whenever I land on my butt, it pretty much affects mine

When I'm 13 I have to ride my bike What happens & comma; when I walk on the sidewalk

ride? can i get into trouble from the police then, e.g. It's not about driving on the sidewalk, but how fast you are driving on the sidewalk: A cyclist is only allowed to use the sidewalk

Can I play all games on the Nvidia shield & comma; that I have on the PC & quest;

I am considering buying a Shield because as I understand it, I can use it so that I can play all the games I have on the PC via the Shield. So all Steam games and all games. And I could too

TV is connected to laptop & comma; how can I show on the TV-Youtube and play on the laptop & quest;

Tv is connected to the laptop (hp 355) via hdmi, how can I display youtube on the TV and play on the laptop? Windows key + P, click expand and adjust the windows as desired

Move out of the apartment & comma; what can I do with the wireless router & quest;

Hello, I'm moving out of my apartment in 3 months. I recently signed a contract for a wireless router. Now my question is what can I do with the router now. I move back to my parents, where there is already a router

What is MyPaySaveCard I can use it to pay online or a Paysavecard is an account or how can I understand that & quest;

My paysafecard is an online service from Paysafecard and a kind of account for your PSCs, where you can enter your PINs and the balance of all your PSCs adds up. You can then use it to buy something in selected shops, e.g. on Steam, etc. De

Does anyone know & comma; how I can play the game "Summoners War" on the emulator "Blue Stacks" & quest;

I know it is possible, but unfortunately I don't know how to play the game Summoners War on the emulator Blue Stacks. I hope someone around here knows Hey, you go to the App Store, download it, start it up and play it ... all right

How can I see & comma; how much money I have on the Paypal account & quest;

How can I see how much money I have in my PayPal account? Mostly by logging in. If your account is linked to a bank account, you do not have any credit on PayPal per se, PayPal will then withdraw the credit from yours instead

Hello & comma; I'm buying a weekend Nissan Primera station wagon Bj & period; 2002 & comma; my question & comma; can I install a navigation software on the ship's computer & quest;

Hello, I'm going to buy a 2002 Nissan Primera station wagon on the weekend, my question is, can I install a navigation software on the on-board computer? ? ? I hope someone can help me, the on-board computer is not a navigation system - something like that should be on the radio