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I'm sure you felt the same way: We at tgm were horrified at the vicious violence with which the German Health Minister Spahn released the highly controversial AstraZeneca corona vaccine, hardly that he saw the possibility of doing so. This fact, in combination with Von der Leyen's “European vaccination pass”, which is supposed to regulate the freedom of travel, will probably pose serious decisions for many German citizens this year. People ask themselves: “How can I maintain my basic rights without having to have such a lethal injection?” On this current and very serious occasion, we conducted an interview with a well-known Berlin virologist who worked at Charité with Merkel's virus Rasputin Drosten works together. In order not to endanger his employment and to keep him as an inside informant, we call him “Dr. X "...

tgm: "Dr. X, thank you for taking your time. "

Dr. X: "Gladly. The times are bleak, people need to be much better informed. "

tgm: “Of course. How did you take Spahn's decision to try the AstraZeneca preparation again on Germans? "

Dr. X: “Well, I was shaken after all the serious side effects up to and including several deaths. But I saw it coming, the power clique around Merkel, Spahn, Söder and, last but not least, Drosten has strayed too far from the welfare of the people. "

tgm: “Keyword Drosten. You know him well from the Charité in Berlin. What kind of person is he? "

Dr. X: “Yes, I've known him for years. Already from the time when his escalating and completely wrong prognoses about the swine flu 2009 gave taxpayers a billion dollar hole for which he never had to answer. The media handle him with kid gloves. A vain busybody, a receiver of orders on the tip of his coat of power. He has a keen sense of what those in power want to hear and implements it using pseudoscientific methods. You must not take his talk of 2020 that he wants to withdraw from the public eye seriously. Not now. The man with the daily podcast enjoys the show, no matter how many millions become unemployed, no matter how many corporate bankruptcies there will be due to the worldwide use of his destructive PCR test. Healthy people who, thanks to his prognoses, can be administered an experimental vaccine broth that damages them seriously or even kills them? Are not of interest to a Mr. Drosten. "

tgm: "That sounds like he's not exactly your friend ..."

Dr. X: “Did you expect something else? I've clashed with him a few times. Now I am careful. The man is dangerous. I don't want to end up like Ohoven, Oppermann and these people. "

tgm: “Wow. Well, back to the vaccination problem. We are still in the vaccination center phase, even if the possibility of direct administration in the general practitioner’s practice is approaching. Still, many people understandably fear it. How can you remedy this? "

Dr. X: “In the vaccination centers, the normal citizen cannot avoid an application. The processes are too militarily drilled. Nothing escapes them. I see better options with the family doctor he trusts. Today's mature patient should politely, but firmly, discuss such options in the prior consultation. "

tgm: “We understand. What if it turns out that the family doctor is a vaccineer after all? How should one react then? "

Dr. X: “Then there are two options. The first is to get up and go. "

tgm: "What if for some reason you can't or don't want to?"

Dr. X: “Then you have to undergo the vaccination procedure and rely on your luck. Russian roulette, so to speak. There are, of course, a couple of ways to tone down the serum that is being administered. But you have to be quick. After 5 minutes it's too late. "

tgm: "And what would they be?"

Dr. X: “If you do not have an allergic reaction to lemon juice, you should apply it subcutaneously to the vaccination site for the first few minutes. Better to have it prepared in a small syringe in your pocket, otherwise you will lose unnecessary time drawing it up. If you are allergic to lemon, 50 percent alcohol will do the same. "

tgm: “That sounds exciting. What amount should you inject? "

Dr. X: “It depends on your body weight. You can count 0.1 ml per ten kilograms of weight. A woman of 60 kg is 0.6 ml, a heavy man of 120 kg would have to inject 1.2 ml. "

tgm: "Aha. And how do you do it unnoticed in the given time span? "

Dr. X: “If necessary, pretend to go to the toilet urgently. But as I said, as soon as possible, not after 5 minutes. Nor do I give any guarantee that the inoculant is really reliably rendered harmless. Better to avoid the vaccination right away. "

tgm: "Thank you for this informative interview."

Dr. X: “Always at your service. After all, we don't want to experience mass deaths when the vaccinated people first come into contact with the new coronaviruses in autumn. "

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