How old is Kim Cattrall's husband

Her mother would have asked her when she would finally leave that hypocrite Sarah Jessica Parker alone. That Parker continuously tries to reach her is a painful reminder for Cattrall of how cruel she really was then and is now. Then it becomes clear to Cattrall: "You are not my family. You are not my girlfriend". Her post ends with an appeal to Parker that she should finally stop taking advantage of the tragedy to pretend that she is the nice girl next door.

This further swipe at Parker came as a complete surprise - and was not posted on Twitter and Facebook, but only on Instagram. The comment function is deactivated. Has Cattrall been hacked? The message is still there. Were there any signs of a feud between the co-stars during the filming of 'Sex and the City'?

Scramble for power?

The rumor mill has been simmering since 2004 that the set of 'Sex and the City' was by no means as harmonious as fans had assumed due to the close friendship between women in front of the camera. According to Clifford Streit, who is said to have been the inspiration for the TV character Stanford Blatch, there were initial tensions on the set as Cattrall emerged as a comedy talent and often attracted attention with her one-liners. As a result, a clique is said to have formed, from which Cattrall was excluded.

Parker and Nixon already knew each other from before and soon took Kristin Davis (52) under their wing. During the first two seasons, Cattrall had an ally in series creator Darren Star, 56, but from season three he passed the scepter to Michael Patrick King, 63, a friend of Parker's. As a result, Cattrall is said to have been completely isolated.

Isolation on the set?

Cattrall is said to have been systematically ostracized by her co-stars during filming. As 'Page Six' once reported, Parker is said to have rented a house for himself, Nixon and Davis while filming in Atlantic City - and left Cattrall outside. On the part of the broadcaster HBO it was said at the time that Cattrall had a separate place to stay, as it was intended that her then husband would be there. But that didn't stop the rumor mill about tensions on the set.

In the end, no one should have spoken to Kim Cattrall - not even in the mask. Reluctantly, she is said to have said 'yes' to the first film, which was released in 2008. The flick turned out to be a hit and a sequel followed two years later. In 2009, New York Magazine reported that Cattrall and Parker would no longer talk to each other, which created an "uncomfortable" atmosphere during the filming of the second part. So far, the ladies have denied a feud.

Old wounds in relation to the fees?

Both Cattrall and Parker have repeatedly spoken out in public over the past few years about the rumors about their allegedly broken relationship and the alleged catfight on the set. Everything was nonsense from both sides, it was a pure invention of the media. This discussion would never arise on shows with a male cast. In 2010, Parker confessed in an interview with 'Marie Claire' that it could well be that feelings were hurt during the filming.

Or is it about something completely different: money? According to US reports, Parker is said to have made far larger sums of money than her co-stars. On the show, she clearly played the lead role, with Carrie Bradshaw acting as the narrator. She was eventually even listed as a producer. The films are said to have been delayed due to Cattrall's salary negotiations - until she also received a higher fee. However, still significantly less than Parker.

What remains?

The fact is: there is a testimony against a testimony. Cattrall had only recently begun to put the friendships with her 'Sex and the City' colleagues in a more sober light. But nobody had expected such a bang like this. Whether Sarah Jessica Parker will comment on this remains to be seen. A bland aftertaste always remains.

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