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The book
Original title: Legacy of Kings
Author: Eleanor Herman
Publishing company: FJB
Pages: 592
Price: 19,99 € [Bound]
Publication: 23.03.2017
ISBN: 978-3841422309
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Content: Imagine a time when people are indifferent to the gods and evil awakens on the edges of the world ...

Alex is on the verge of stepping forever from the shadow of his mighty father and becoming the greatest military leader of all time.

His ally Cat has a plan Alex must never find out about. The two have much more in common than they suspect.

Who can you trust
And what is stronger in the end?
Or your enemies?

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I think the cover ...
… Well. The face doesn't even bother me that much. But it is not one of those covers that completely inspire me and would definitely appeal to me. What I think is good, however, is that you can see that the book has a historical touch.

To the plot:
Denise von Bibliomanie asked me 5 questions about the book, which I will answer below. In March we started reading the book together. Her review with the questions I asked her can be found here.

1. What were your expectations for this book? Do you reach for historical novels more often, or was it a premiere and, above all, how did you like the whole thing in the end?

I actually had no expectations of the book. I asked based on the synopsis because I found the historical aspect interesting, but I was still hoping that it wasn't too pronounced. History wasn't my topic before. In the end I only liked the book mediocre. And I'm not sure if I want to continue this series.

2. Already at the beginning of the story many had problems with the writing style and with the rather lengthy course! How did you perceive the tension and the writing style?

The story is dead boring. I'm really so sorry to have to write this, but it is. The writing style itself is really good and it is not difficult to read on, but nothing at all happens. The whole book. THE WHOLE BOOK. Okay, the last 50 pages are then linked to some action. It was certainly also a difficult point that there were simply too many narrative perspectives, but more on that in question 4.

3. The shadow crown is said to be a retelling of the story of Alexander the Great. Did you get the impression you were reading a true story, or were the changes and fantasy elements too radical for that?

I have to admit that I have no idea how the life of Alexander the Great was. The only fact that stuck in my mind is that he was the greatest ruler in ancient times. During the book, however, I had the feeling that many facts could well be true. The only thing I was unsure about was that with Katerina. The fantasy elements were almost non-existent and made the book even more interesting for me, otherwise I would have fallen asleep at the pace of the story.

4. The stories from different perspectives always changed very quickly! Were you able to keep following the story, or did you struggle to find your way around?

That was probably the biggest problem in the book. It had a total of 7 (!!!!) narrative perspectives and that was exactly the reason why you just had the feeling that nothing happened! Each scene had to be portrayed from the other person's point of view and that was really exhausting. I liked Alexander very much, but with Katerina I sometimes had my problems. I also couldn't stand Cyn and Hephaiston was great on the one hand and on the other hand I thought: How stupid are you anyway? I'm very carried away and haven't developed a bond with a character. That is too bad. Four perspectives would have been sufficient. Or you should have built the whole thing differently. There are a lot of characters on “Gossip Girl” too, but it was just consistently exciting!

5. The author is said to have researched this story very long and intensively. Were their descriptions detailed enough for you or would you have wished for more impressions?

I like to believe her that she did a lot of research. Before writing this book, she mainly translated history books and worked a lot with history. At the end I read through her explanations for the book to find out what she made up and what actually corresponds to the truth. I found that very interesting and it's all the more sad that she didn't translate this story so well. There was clearly a lack of tension.

My overall conclusion ...
... is 2.5 chaos points. The easy-to-read writing style made up for it a lot. And the ending saved the book from the 1-point rating. But it was just 90% mortally boring.

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I like it:

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