Ftb suspended what does that mean

Suspended - meaning

In American movies and TV series, you will hear the phrase "You are suspended!" Over and over again. Listen. The term is also known in Germany in schools and even in the church, but many do not know what is behind it. This can become a problem when the term comes up at work and you don't know what it means.

One word, many meanings

When someone or something is suspended (Latin suspendere = to hang up), this can have several meanings.

  • The best known is probably the suspension of activities or school, which means that a person is not allowed to be active in this area for some time.
  • Suspending can also mean pausing certain areas. For example, a stay in hospital can be suspended if it means that the sick person spends a few days at home in order to resume treatment later.

Finally, there are two meanings that appear in medicine and chemistry. These are not common, but still exist.

  • In chemistry, suspension describes the distribution of solid substances in a liquid.
  • In medicine one speaks of hanging. This can be a leg that is spared after a fracture or an arm that has undergone a complicated operation.

Examples of suspended persons in Germany

Someone who is suspended is banned from doing their job or going to an educational institution. The reason for this is often incorrect behavior or a complication in the company. It is always a supervisor who initiates a suspension.

  • You can very often find suspended people in professions in which civil servants are active. For example, police officers are sometimes suspended for a few days or weeks. Officers and similar persons in the Bundeswehr are also released from their duties for a certain period of time.
  • Not only students, but teachers too, can be suspended if they do their job incorrectly. There are different regulations for this, which are specified by the employer. Teachers are aware of the importance of these rules, which is why a suspension usually does not come as a surprise.
  • The term suspension can also be found in the Catholic Church. In the past, for example, bishops who are said to have misinterpreted the Bible have been suspended. Here it is the Pope who makes the relevant decisions.

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