How are birthdays celebrated in Peru

Personal and original birthday gifts

Question after question: Which birthday presents are right?

Finding original birthday presents is known to be no easy task. The birthday gift ideas are often very poor and you don't want to give away the same thing every year. Before choosing a gift, it makes sense to ask yourself various questions in order to find the special and perfect birthday present: What actually makes a good and original birthday present? Where is the origin of the birthday party and birthday gifts? What gifts are essential on this special day? How are birthdays celebrated today, and which birthday anniversary do you absolutely have to celebrate?

Birthday parties - a young tradition with ancient roots

Giving has always had a special place for people. Strangely enough, the birthday is not one of them. The first traces of birthday celebrations can only be found in Europe in late antiquity. Roman emperors or higher officials celebrated their anniversary with a banquet. Alms were distributed on the birthday of the Roman emperor. At that time, the anniversaries did not receive any birthday presents. Instead, gifts were offered to the gods to ask for good luck.
From Christian times until the 20th century, name days were celebrated with big and small Name day giftswhich often coincided with the birthday. Only aristocratic and middle-class families celebrated birthdays with large celebrations as early as the 17th century. Before the beginning of the 20th century, the ordinary people also celebrated their birthday, but rarely because the funds were lacking and many even did not know their date of birth.

Symbolic lucky items as gifts for a birthday

Birthday celebrations spread only gradually as the date of birth was noted, with more free time and increasing affluence. This also gave rise to the tradition of giving birthday presents. In the beginning, handmade birthday gifts were popular, such as a homemade cake or flowers that you picked yourself.
These and other birthday customs are still traditionally part of the birthday and should not be missing at any birthday party:

  • cake: The birthday cake is part of every celebration. It looks different depending on the country.
  • Candles: In some countries it is a tradition to light candles on the birthday cake. Each candle symbolizes a year of life. If the jubilee can blow out all the candles at once, he can make a wish beforehand!
  • Flowers: Flowers as a birthday present bring luck and delight the heart with their bright colors.
  • From Mexico the PiƱata spread. The paper mache figure filled with sweets is smashed with sticks and is said to bring good luck.

On his special day we would like to show the jubilee with a personal present how important he is to us. That is why we try to give as individual gifts as possible for a birthday!

Choosing the right gift

Birthday celebrations have become an integral part of our culture and nowadays it is more important than ever to us personal and original birthday gifts to hand over. When it comes to choosing a fancy birthday present, the answers to these questions can be of great help in finding the right present:

  • What is your relationship with the birthday boy?
  • Find a Gift for menor a Gift for women?
  • What is the character of the person to be gifted?
  • How old is the birthday boy? What phase of life is he in?
  • What is his or her lifestyle?
  • What hobbies does the birthday boy have?

If you know the hobbies, you are guaranteed to find something personal as a birthday surprise. You would not choose the same gift for a woman as you would for a man. Age is also an important indicator: you can give a cinema ticket or a visit to the disco for your 20th or 30th birthday. Those celebrating their 70th birthday are more likely to be happy about concert or theater tickets. In short: try to find out the wishes of the anniversary, regardless of age or gender! Or give gender-specific gifts: flowers or jewelry for the lady and reading, like her historical newspaper or one Vintage wine for the Lord.

Birthday party - that special birthday present

Not every birthday is celebrated in the same size. On the one hand, it depends on personal taste whether you prefer to celebrate the special day with a loved one or in a large group. Maybe you need your help for a big birthday party? In this case, the person celebrating the anniversary may be happy if you hold the party for him or help with the organization. There are definitely anniversaries that are celebrated in an unusual way. In a certain way, they encompass a phase of life, the so-called round birthdays: the 20th birthday, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th or 100th birthday. On these special days, the guests, family, friends and neighbors would like to hand over birthday gifts that belong to the category of the extra class! Get together for these special birthday presents and browse the HISTORIA gift shop! You will find it here.