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Changing names made easyHow and when can I change my last name?

Can you actually change your last name? And if so - how and when? What you need to know about changing your name - and why you don't even have to get married to do it.

The name is given. Bad luck, one might think of some even unfavorable combinations - like Axel and sweat or pink and panties. Such extreme cases are of course rather rare. And yet there are surnames that you don't like to have, be it due to double interpretations or bad memories. What to do? Accepting it? Do not you have to. In fact, there are a few ways to change your last name - and you don't have to get married for that.

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When can I change my last name?

A change of surname must always be preceded by an important reason. So it still remains an exception. The decision as to whether a name can be changed is even based on a separate law of 1938 on changing family names and first names.

What is an important reason? A wedding is known to everyone - here you can take your partner's last name, but you don't have to.

  • If you simply don't like your last name, you have to come to terms with it. It looks different with Protection of the person out. If the safety of a person is threatened because of their surname, a change can be discussed.
  • Protection not only includes physical security, but also dignity. A last name that encourages bullying or hurtful word jokes can also be changed.
  • Sometimes the last name can be a psychological burden. For example, is he with negative memories - as linked to sexual abuse in the family - the person concerned can also change his surname.
  • During a naturalization is also often given in to the desire to change the name to a German form because of the integration.
  • Special rules also apply to divorces and foster children. In fact, a single custodial parent is allowed to change the child's last name to match the family. The focus is always on the well-being of the child - this also applies to foster children who can take the last name of their new parents.
  • What hardly anyone knows: Even if the surname occurs particularly frequently - see common examples such as Müller or Schulz - a change can be requested.
  • The same applies to the opposite: An important reason is also if the surname is particularly complicated or long and then causes disabilities in everyday life.

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How do I change my surname?

The registry office is responsible. Before each name change, a consultation must be held, in which the motives are explained. A Application made.

Be careful: changing your last name can be expensive. The fees are between 30 and 1,022 euros - you can find out in a personal conversation how much you actually have to pay and whether your reason is sufficient.

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