1 kg of coffee beans is how much espresso

How many coffee beans do you need per cup of coffee?

Anyone who has a coffee grinder knows how aromatic a cup of coffee can be if it is made from freshly ground coffee beans. But the same question always comes up: How much coffee beans do you need to make a cup of coffee from them? You should know in advance how many grams of coffee you generally need for a cup. Many measuring spoons are designed as standard for a filling quantity of 7 grams. For me personally, this is a little too little, as I like to drink a nice, strong coffee. So my ideal recommendation is 9 grams of coffee per cup (200 ml). But everyone has to find this out for themselves and always pay attention to the type of coffee. As soon as you have found the perfect amount of coffee for yourself, all you have to do is convert this to “own coffee grinders without a scale” into coffee beans.

Ideal amount of coffee beans for a cup of coffee

The first thing to know is how heavy a coffee bean is. I once weighed an (average-sized) coffee bean that weighed 0.6 grams. If you have this information, you can work out the perfect amount of coffee beans for any amount without scales - for my personal recommendation the calculation would look like this:

Requirements: 9 grams of coffee powder per cup (about 200ml) + weight of a coffee bean: 0.6 grams (can vary)

  • 9 grams / 0.6 grams = 15 coffee beans

Result: 15 coffee beans per 200ml cup of coffee

What amount of coffee is your insider tip and which coffee beans can you recommend?