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Selena Gomez

I went to see Selena Gomez on the night of July 23, 2016. I got tickets of festival A, which was the most front section. Before the show started, I waited outside of the venue, lining up for around 5 hours, and when they let us in, we had to wait for another 2 hours until Selena appears on stage. I was really happy to know that I was VERY close to Selena, and I couldn't believe that she was standing RIGHT THERE in front of me.

The crowd was intense. When the show had really started, my section just went crazy like waves in the ocean. We all went pushing each other from left to right, right to left, front to back, and back to front. It was difficult for me to find for air. But as soon as Selena was done singing Revival, which was her opening song, the crowd sort of calmed down a bit and I was able to catch my breath. And I was also able to see Selena standing right in front me, clearly.

Selena has a way of performing that could engage her audience to sing and dance along with her. I can tell that the audience had a very strong connection with her while she was performing. The stage set was beautiful. Selena's live voice was beautiful. I really enjoyed what she did for us, together with her band, back-up singers, and especially, her dancers.

My most favorite performances that night was Kill Em With Kindness, Love You Like A Love Song, and Nobody. Honestly, those songs were performed better live than the studio versions, especially LYLALS.

I was really grateful to be able to see her perform live, after more than 6 years of waiting. It was definitely worth the wait.

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