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The new VW group

Family planning is not an easy thing. In real life as in industry. Some wait years or even in vain for offspring, others have an accident. Nothing can really be planned. It is all the more astonishing to see the strategic precision with which Volkswagen, Europe's market leader among car manufacturers, is working to enlarge its family and thus to take over the global supremacy of Toyota. No more and no less is the goal of the Wolfsburg-based group by 2018, as CEO Martin Winterkorn never tires of emphasizing. Not to mention VW patriarch Ferdinand Piëch, who would rather oversee a car empire today than tomorrow with a portfolio of everything from small cars to heavy trucks.

Here is a large overview of all car brands

The latest member of the blended family is Porsche, whose adoption is due to be completed by 2011 and whose wet research towards his new parents was fatal. The sports car manufacturer joins a ranks of nine daughters with different characters and different values. While mother Volkswagen primarily occupies the center, which is not only politically contested, with the worldwide bestseller VW Golf, the offspring have the task of covering all classes and segments as effectively as possible - overlaps possible.

The model range of the VW Group in the large picture gallery

Audi is the pound in the upper middle class and in the premium segment, but also in the coupés and in the all-wheel drive segment. Bentley is the representative in the luxury class, Lamborghini is the producer of exclusive sports cars. Bugatti makes it no less elitist with the Veyron, once the fastest series sports car in the world. The Spanish subsidiary Seat has long been considered a VW recycling department and is now starting to emancipate itself in the small car sector, especially with the Ibiza. Skoda, as one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world, supports the mother especially in the (upper) middle class. The in-house division VW Commercial Vehicles covers the minibus and van sector, Scania is one of the largest truck manufacturers in Europe. When it comes to SUVs, Volkswagen is very strong even with the Tiguan and Touareg. And now Porsche, as the world's most efficient sports car manufacturer, is likely to be one of the last remaining building blocks in the aspired global company VW.