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Resume Templates - 48 Free Templates

Are you looking for the right template for your CV? Then you are exactly right here. You can download our resume templates for free and edit them freely in Microsoft Word. Choose the pattern that's right for you and simply fill it in with your information! All templates are suitable for tabular CVs.

Modern resume templates

Nowadays, “being in trend” and being up to date are increasingly important criteria. Browse through our modern templates and find a current design for your resume, with which you can also convince in 2021.

Resume templates for professionals

There are different requirements for applicants for every profession. Here you can find resume templates that underline your individual skills. Convince HR managers with a special design.

Looking for something special?

Discover professional application designs that you can use in our shop optically stands out from the competition. The included Sample texts from application experts help you with your application to convince.

Resume templates for young applicants

Fresh out of school, looking for an internship, an apprenticeship or ready to start student life? Our free Word templates help young applicants to create a visually appealing résumé.

An engaging resume is relevant for applicants of all ages. We have divided our patterns into four different categories. However, these guidelines are not binding - of course you can too Use templates from other categoriesif these suit you better.

Resume templates for Open Office

For all applicants who prefer to work with Open Office, we offer a selection of free samples in .odt format for free download. Download your favorite template and start adding your content right away.

Step-by-step instructions for our templates

We have them here for you most important tips for working with our samples and templates compiled. In addition, you will find detailed information on in our post on the résumé Structure, content and structure a résumé.

Step 1: Download the resume sample and open the file

You can download our samples easily and free of charge. After you have done that, they can be opened in Microsoft Word or Open Office and edit easily. If you open our templates with other word processing programs, the formatting of the .docx file may suffer. This can usually be remedied by making small adjustments.

Step 2: Provide personal information

After you've opened the file, you can start editing. At the beginning of the résumé are the personal data. This information is the Standard for German application documents. When applying abroad, personal data may vary.

You can include the following information in your résumé:

  • Name surname

  • address

  • Date and place of birth

  • marital status

  • Nationality / citizenship

  • Phone number

  • E-mail address

Step 3: Enter work experience and education

Under the heading "work experience", which also z. B. work experience or practical experience can be named, the professional career is now listed. The Work experience is given in reverse chronological order, i.e. starting with the most recent station.

At each station you should provide the following information:

  • Period

  • Company Name

  • position

  • Main tasks

  • Special achievements / achievements (if any)

If there are a lot of entries in the “Work Experience” section, you can press other categories provide a better overview. Using a separate section for Internships. In the case of positions that have been in the past or are irrelevant, it is sufficient to just state the period, company and function and to forego the description of the tasks or to keep them very short.

You enter your education or training in a separate category. Under this category you can see your entire educational career, consisting of School, studies, training, etc. list. Here you also proceed antichronologically. The station with your most recent degree introduces this section. The information on belongs to each station Period, educational institution, location, training / course of study and degree achieved.

Step 4: Fill in more categories

Further information about you and your qualifications is listed after practical experience and education. Depending on which position you are applying for, it makes sense to highlight special qualifications or experience in separate categories (e.g. stays abroad when applying for a position where you will work in an international context).

Above all, personal skills cannot always be proven. However, if possible, technical knowledge should always be provided by a Certificate or (work) reference beeing confirmed. If there is no evidence of further education, courses, studies or professional experience, HR managers become skeptical.

Close gaps in your CV

There may be gaps in the résumé, but for most there are gaps a good reason: For example, an orientation year (before studying or starting a career), work preparation (courses, advanced training, independent learning), parental leave or looking for a job.

You should ask yourself: What did I do during that time? How did this time support me that I am now where I am? Most of the time, such gaps are a few inconspicuous months. However, if possible, you should never give the impression that you have been inactive.

Always keep in mind: An actual "gap" in your résumé only arises if you do not state a period at all. This gives you the impression that you are hiding something in your application documents.

Mirko Bettenhausen

Application expert

Danger! Providing false information on your résumé is never an option. Try to fill in the gaps as best you can and prepare to be able to explain them in an interview.

The smallest inconsistencies in the résumé ensure mistrust and are often worse than a few months of unemployment.

Hobbies on the résumé?

Hobbies on the résumé are generally a contentious issue. If you want to appear professional, you should refrain from including meaningless hobbies on your résumé. On the other hand, hobbies give one Insight into the personality of the candidate and do this for the HR manager more human and more tangible.

In the case of a desired profession in the media industry or a similar area, it makes sense, for example, to indicate hobbies that underline your own creativity. Whether or not you should state a hobby in your résumé always depends on which hobby you are currently pursuing and in which industry you are applying.

Are you unsure whether your résumé meets all the criteria? Then download ours now free resume checklist down!

Step 5: insert application photo

To insert your application photo, you have to just right-click on the place-holding image in the template and select "Change image". You can already insert your own application photo. In any case, use this variant, as inserting an image yourself can lead to the intended formatting being incorrect.

Step 6: Save your resume as a PDF

For online applications, we recommend the Application documents as PDF files to send. This is how you make sure that the file opened without problems can be. Make sure that date on your résumé is correct before you save it as a PDF - this cannot be changed afterwards in the PDF file. You must also include your résumé signed This is possible with the Word file as well as with the PDF file.

You have 2 options to create a PDF file from our CV templates:

  • You can save it directly in Microsoft Word as a PDF (see picture)

  • You can use a Word to PDF converter from the Internet - tips about applications & résumé

Here we use our application knowledge on cover letters, résumés and job interviews to prepare you for your application - regardless of whether you are just starting your professional life or have already gained experience.