How to watch nfl train freely

What is the difference between Flexpreis, Sparpreis and Super Sparpreis?

On February 5th I booked a super saver ticket for 2 people to South Tyrol (each with BC 25). We booked an apartment there for a week. The journey takes 11 hours and the total fare is € 331. All trains are already over 50% occupied. (3 red men) Driving day is always Saturday. A postponement to Fri or Sun makes little sense. For comparison: I can cancel the holiday apartment free of charge up to 3 days before arrival!

Even if the Corona situation in the areas I drive through is quite relaxed, there are quite a lot of people with whom I spend the day. How full will the trains actually be? Will everyone obey the mask requirement? (At least not for eating and drinking) Will a stranger be sitting right next to me?
For 4 months I have been avoiding such uncertainties in my private and professional environment, so I will not take any risks for these 2 days.

I have already tried to find a solution by phone twice by train. My ideas would be.

cancel - does not work with the super saver price
Voucher - does not exist either
Postponing vacation to next year - also not possible, only until October 31, 2020. Until then, I won't have any more vacation
Upgrade to 1st class - also not possible with the super saver price (I could upgrade a ticket with my bonus points)

All that remains is the last idea. Let the ticket expire and drive to South Tyrol or stay at home.

And annoy me about the train.