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The 5 best tips for NBA 2k14

In the new NBA 2k14, a lot of controls, options and features have changed. The tips below will help you become the top player in this NBA 2k version too.

Tip 1: run alley-oop dunk in NBA 2k14

In a so-called alley-oop dunk, the player throws the ball towards the basket, lets it bounce back from there, jumps after the ball and dips it into it.

  • If possible, choose a player whose dunk skills are relatively high. Take a run and jump right after the free throw line.
  • Hold down both triggers on the controller. If the player is behind the free throw line, hold down the button for dunking (usually the X button).

Tip 2: run 360 dunk

To do a 360 degree dunk, simply turn the left stick clockwise and press the dunk button while doing this. This is usually stored on "X".

Tip 3: Get money and experience in NBA 2k14

To be successful as quickly as possible, you need money and not too little of it.

  • The easiest and fastest way to earn your money is in a quick match. Set the performance to "maximum" and save the game when there are only a few seconds left to play. Exit the game and play a 1-on-1 match with one of your players.
  • Reload the Quick Match score at a later time, for example after 30 minutes. After the game, your player's skills will have improved significantly and your bankroll will increase.

Tip 4: The Screen and Read Drill

With the drills you can improve your skills significantly in NBA 2k14. The screen and read drill challenges you in three positions one after the other. Two of the positions are always taken over by the computer, you must then take over one of the positions:

  • Ball handler: As a ball handler, you can simply practice dribbling, turning out and throwing. Always try to outsmart the defender before throwing.
  • Screener: As a screener, your main job is to intercept the ball if the ball handler does not hit the basket. You can try to interfere slightly with the defender in action.
  • Defender: As a defender or defender, you have to jump into the opponent's throw, take the ball from him or try another variant to get to the ball.