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More and more people in Switzerland are getting access to the corona vaccination. However, this also raises more and more questions - especially about allergies and possible side effects. Not all known allergies are also problematic for vaccination at the same time. Blick answers the most important questions.

With which allergies do you need to be particularly careful with the Covid vaccination?
For most people, a corona vaccination is completely unproblematic. "However, anyone who has already reacted to a vaccination with severe allergic symptoms should be careful," says Sereina de Zordo, head of specialist services at aha! Allergy Center Switzerland. These people should seek advice from an allergist before vaccination on whether a Covid vaccination is possible.

I got a headache after the first vaccination. Am I allergic now?
No. Side effects such as headache, a slight fever or a somewhat lame arm are normal with a vaccination.

How problematic are other allergies, for example to latex?
People with allergies to other things, such as food, pollen, house dust mites, animals, insecticide or latex can get the vaccine normally.

How do I know if I have side effects?
"If you develop a nettle-rash-like rash right after the first dose, you should consult an allergist," says expert Sereina de Zordo. You have to be just as careful with chronic nettle rash or diseases of the mast cells. However, these diseases are very rare and those affected know about it, says de Zordo. Everyone will be monitored after vaccination to see if any side effects are occurring.

How big is the risk of being allergic?
Tiny. The BAG does not know the exact figures, but writes on request that the number of people with side effects is “very small”. Most of the people affected are aware of the allergies.

What if I have an allergy without knowing about it?
All persons are interviewed prior to vaccination. Past allergic reactions are also discussed. "In addition, the vaccination staff must always be prepared for severe allergic reactions and have direct access to emergency equipment," says de Zordo.

When is a corona vaccination not possible at all?
If an allergy to a component of a Covid-19 vaccine is known, it must not be used. Here, too, the persons concerned are informed in advance. "Anyone who had an allergic shock after the first dose may not be vaccinated any further," says expert Sereina de Zordo. These people would then be examined more closely by a doctor.

Are there alternatives if I am allergic to a specific vaccine?
Yes. "Anyone who finds in the consultation that an mRNA vaccine is out of the question can, for example, switch to a vector-based vaccine," says Christoph Berger, President of the Federal Vaccination Commission. These questions would be clarified in talks before the vaccination. Research is also being carried out on special drugs. These should prevent severe courses and come on the market in the coming months.

I cannot get a vaccination for medical reasons. Am I now excluded from social life?
No. The BAG writes that only people who have actually been vaccinated can receive a Covid certificate. However: "People who cannot be vaccinated can have themselves tested regularly and receive a Covid certificate for those tested." This will be treated as equivalent to a Covid certificate for vaccinated or convalescent people.

Published: 04/30/2021, 6:52 p.m.
Last updated: May 2nd, 2021, 8:09 am