How to fix Silva compass

Compass SILVA 70 creates problems

I have both the 70 UN and the 70P. Since they have the same ball, just packaged differently and I can take a closer look at the ball of the 70P, I would say that the expansion seal that seals both halves of the ball has a problem with you.
At first I was a little irritated that you have air in when it's cold and not the other way around. But now I understand that when it's cold the filling contracts and the expansion seal seems either to be leaking or stiff.

If the air bubble does not get bigger, after every cold phase, I would guess my latter assumption, if the bubble slowly gets bigger, that speaks more for a leak.
Why do I suspect so? Cooling means a reduction in volume and if the seal does not contract any more to compensate for this, you get negative pressure and since the filling consists of alcohol and the vapor pressure is usually low, this alcohol gas bubble is created. When heated, the pressure rises and the gas condenses. If the seal were leaky, it would have to be normal air, which, however, could not easily disappear again, or more and more air would have to be slowly drawn into the ball.

So even if it wouldn't leak, this is definitely just another case to test the guarantee.

Silva importer or representative is Gotthardt GmbH in Hamburg. There is a guarantee of a few years on the Silva-Kompanten, it could well be that it is exactly 5 years. I don't have that in my head anymore, if you still have the proof of purchase, so much the better.
Write to the store as soon as possible and describe the problem and possibly my assumption.
Address: Hermann Gotthardt GmbH, Leunastr. 50, 22761 Hamburg, 040-8515050, [email protected]

Good luck, otherwise you can still get the 70 UN at for a mere 49.95 in new.
bye - Jochen

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