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Convert ounces to grams - that's how it works

The word ounce has often been heard in films, in the pharmacy or at the jewelry store. But how many grams an ounce are exactly is usually not in your head. To find out how to convert ounces to grams, see the guide below.

How to convert an ounce to grams

  • The unce (or ounce) is a unit of measurement that does not belong to the metric system. Therefore, the ounce is not that common in Germany. There are also several types of ounce, the normal, the pharmacist's and the troy ounce.
  • The normal ounce (English "ounce", abbreviation "oz.") Corresponds to about 28.35 grams. Just take the number of ounces and multiply that by 28.35. Do you have a number of grams and want it in oz. convert, take the grams and divide them by 28.35.
  • The situation is similar with the pharmacist's ounce (abbreviation oz. Ap.). One oz. ap. are approx. 31.1 grams and when converting, you have to proceed as explained above. To get from oz. ap. in grams to count with 31.1 times and from g in oz. ap. Divide by 31.1. The pharmacist ounce, as the name suggests, is used in pharmacies (for medicines and chemicals).
  • The troy ounce (abbreviation oz. Tr.) Is not found in pharmacies, although both have the same conversion. It can be found in jewelry stores, is used for precious metals and corresponds to 31.1034 grams, whereby the troy ounce only refers to the precious metal content, the impurities are deducted. The conversion works the same as with the top two ounces. If you don't want to convert everything yourself, you can also use a converter from the Internet.

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