What will run 5 km a day

This is how many steps you should really take every day

There are days when we walk to the bus stop, take the stairs instead of the elevator and take a long walk in the evening. That would be the ideal situation. Unfortunately, the reality is often different. For most people, the daily number of steps is limited to walking home from work and then from the sofa to the refrigerator.

A high number of steps is one of the keys to living a long life and staying fit.

In many cases, daily running even replaces regular exercise. Simple walking also shows its health effects, as US scientists confirm in a new study. Previously, the recommendation was to run at least 10,000 steps a day to keep the body moving.

However, this guideline doesn't have to apply to you.

But let's start at the beginning: An association of American researchers from various specialist institutes and universities once again looked at the health effects that daily running has on the human body. A total of almost 5,000 test subjects took part in their study. They first filled out questionnaires in which they were asked about various factors such as diet, health and education. Study participants then carried a fitness tracker with them for a week that recorded their average physical activity.