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Divorce Appointment in Court - You Should Know That

What do I wear for a divorce?

Many still-married couples ask themselves the question: "What should I wear for a divorce?" Do not feel under pressure here, there is something for you in court no dress code. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident. The judge should get an authentic impression of you. Think about what kind of impression you would like to convey. If you don't feel comfortable in a suit or costume, then leave it hanging in the closet.

Do not forget, however, that the external appearance still counts, because judges are only human. With all the authenticity, you certainly want one trustworthy and serious picture convey. Therefore, you should always wear clean and tidy clothing. That also means: polished shoes and ironed clothes. Also, be careful not to appear too flashy - short skirts, open shirts, or bright colors are not a good idea.

If you have a Decision support need: Choose a pair of trousers or a knee-length skirt in muted, dark colors or dark jeans. Simple, light-colored shirts or blouses are suitable as a top. If you feel comfortable in it, you can wear a jacket or blazer over it. A tie for men is not a must. If your choice is yours, it is better to wear leather shoes than sneakers.

Identification required

Before you go to the court hearing, read your court summons again carefully. Be sure to take your identity card or passport with you! Check whether you have any other documents or documents in the original must take with you to the appointment. This could be: marriage certificate, your child's certificate of parentage, if applicable, or the marriage contract.


Please do not forget to bring your summons with you to the court hearing, as you may be asked for the reason for your visit during the admission control and you will have to identify yourself accordingly.

Please note that if in doubt, the employer must release you for the appointment so that you can comply with the court summons.

Entry controls

Just like when checking in at the airport, there is often an entrance control at the court. If it beeps, you may have inserted a metal object. You should also plan some time so as not to be late in the hall.

If everything went well and you arrived at the court on time, you will meet your lawyer regularly in front of the courtroom. When everyone is present, the judge will call your "cause". "Thing" means your personal divorce concern, in other words: the procedure. After being called, you and those involved may enter the meeting room.

Exclusion of the public

Your divorce is purely a family matter. In principle, it is not public. This means that only you and your ex-partner and lawyers are allowed to attend the appointment. The judge usually records himself. So there is not even a recorder on board. So you are "among yourself".

Often times, the court will assign you specific seats in the hall. Once everyone has taken their places, your divorce appointment will take its course.