What is mop ready

What is the difference between “ready” and “ready”?

ready has the implication of being prepared (to do something). For example, you could have prepared yourself for a marathon (training etc.) so you can then say:

I am ready for the marathon.

So you can prepare stuff, the corresponding verb is prepare and they share the same etymological route. E.g:

I prepare the food.

The food is prepared. (tripods passive or adjectivised participle)

The food is ready (and can be eaten). (using the actual adjective ready)

The word finished on the other hand means finished.Finished can mean ready for the next step, but in general the idea is that something recently has been completed. Taking the marathon example, you are ready if you have completed your training plan and eaten lots of carbohydrates the night before. Then you go to the actual place, put on your gear, tie your running shoes and do warm-ups. Now you are finished with your direct preparations and ready to start running.

I'm done (with the preparations). Ready to go.

Similarly for the food example, using finished means that the cooking is complete. It is now ready to be eaten.

The food is ready.

In your paperwork example, it depends on where you want to place the emphasis. Are you looking backwards once the paperwork is ready, i.e. has it been completed? Then you should use finished.

When the paperwork is done, I'll transfer the money.

If, on the other hand, you wish to imply that the paperwork needs to go through a few more hands before the message’s recipient can enter their data, you will need ready.

When the paperwork is ready, you can fill in your account number and I'll transfer the money to you.

From the way you phrased it, finished sounds like the better choice.