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The repeater M-1500 ORYX ofHOWA is a high-quality processed rifle with absolutely sensational shooting performance, even when using conventional factory ammunition. Great price-performance ratio for this sporty bolt-action rifle including the Nikko Sterling rifle scope.

Can be used for various sporty large-caliber disciplines in all common sports associations.


The most important features at a glance:

  • Caliber: Available in different calibers
  • Barrel length: depending on the caliber from 20 "to 24"
  • Varminter barrel
  • Excellent repeating action of the cylinder lock
  • Shaft: ORYX chassis, Made by MDT
  • Side plate color: OD-Green
  • Forearm eyelet for bipod mounting
  • incl. 1 10-round magazine

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x Howa M-1500 ORYX
  • 1 piece 10-round
  • Delivery in cardboard box


Model:Howa M-1500 ORYX

.308 Winchester

.300 Winchester Magnum

.223 Remington

7.62 x 39

Barrel length:

20 "(50.8 cm) for .308 Win.

24 "(61 cm) for .308 Win.

24 "(61 cm) with .300 Win. Mag.

20 "(50.8 cm) for .223 Rem.

20 "(50.8 cm) at 7.62 x 39

Magazine capacity:10 shots

3.0 to 3.5 kg


approx. 99 - 110 cm


Attention, we are not talking about the river in Uganda, but about the arms manufacturer HOWA which is now a popular repeater brand in Germany and has been delighting target shooters for some time. Initially mainly of interest to sport shooters, the bolt action rifles are also becoming more and more popular with hunters. These rifles are characterized by high quality, reliability, functionality and excellent precision, even with inexpensive factory ammunition.

Sold only to holders of a purchase authorization.

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.308 Win.
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